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I roll my own occaisionally, not because of cost or anything, but just when I want a change. My normal smoke are nonfiltered camels... but sometimes I roll up some Drum (sans filter as well). The taste is much more full and rich, it also seems much thicker. So, while different, and much much stronger, it is a very nice change from the normal nonfiltered cigarette. Besides that, when I can't fall asleep at night, it is sometimes fun to sit around rolling cigarettes; i keep them in a sterling humidor on my dresser.
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Lone Wolf, neat story.

I just bought a few pouches of Drum and boy is it good! It has a very good, smooth, full taste compared to every other cigarette I've tasted, premade or RYO. It also has a very rich, strong pouch aroma that reminds me of a burley/latakia intensive pipe tobacco I enjoy. It's that rich, earthy, smokey, natural slightly sweet tobacco taste and smell. The smell and taste is somewhat like Zig Zag, but it is much stronger and full flavored. It also comes with good Job papers.

I think I've found my new favorite.
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Bumping this thread...

Recently i've gotten into RYO cigs and i've found that it's far more enjoyable flavor-wise AND the act of rolling and being able to control the strength every time you smoke. I've mostly tried the American Spirit pouches and have been blown away by their new (and pricey for RYO) Perique blend that comes in the black pouch.

Also in terms of papers, they affect the flavor quite a bit so i've tried a few and found these to be easily the best (and best for you considering you can also pick what it's made of):
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Surprised no one has mentioned Peter Stokkebye. The Danish Export was my choice when I rolled.
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Cutters choice, green rizla and swan medium filters fo sho.
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