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Eh? Clarify gentlemen?
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I'm looking for an all-around bag, something I can use for college and similar stuff, durable, stylish, and goes along with many colors. What do you guys recommend? color? style? Post a link with examples so I can get an idea of what you're talking about, I'm not good with the style-slang.   Thanks
Your name annoys me.
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If I can try to translate, Mr. Millionetc.'s chosen username, because of its length, extends the field in the ikonboard display, so that his posts are a little crowded. On bags: I have a couple leather bags, none too expensive, for work, and this one (Jcrew waxed canvas bag )for carrying junk around when I need to. Used to be on sale, keep an eye on it after xmas. EDIT again: Myface's name also stretches out the "topic starter" field on the thread listing page.
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Right. Thanks.
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