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Originally Posted by Lokesh View Post
Got them from Banana Republic. I thought you do straight lacing on Oxfords? Not criss cross?

I think whatever floats your boat is how you lace your shoes. I criss cross 85% of my laces regardless of style of shoe, and there are no rules on this, at least, none that are enforced with penalties or summonses. There are some good resources above, including some links about how to accomplish to straight lacing you want to use.
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I see oxfords laced both ways, and I agree, whatever floats your boat. Personally I'm lacing my newest oxfords criss-cross for easiest adjustability for the first few wears while I get them broken in, and then may switch to bar lacing after that.
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Alright thanks guys... I'm going to just do criss cross then...
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It's great to log on for the first time in almost three years and still find one of my threads active. It's nice to be back and see the forum very very active. Much different from what it used to be. Can't wait to be back in the states in a few months.
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