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How to lace a shoe

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Ok this might sound like a stupid question but how do you lace up a shoe to look good? I just got a pair of brown punch toe oxfords, 5 hole and each time i lace them they don't look right. Is there a certain method that i should be using to make them look good, or is it pretty much what ever works for me? Maybe i'm just to used to seeing shoes with that display lace up that looks so perfect.
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The Berluti knot.
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Try this site. It has tutorials on a selection of knots. Site: WJTW
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thanks for the link, very cool site.
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1. what is the burluti knot? 2. I straighlace my shoes - unfortunatly I can't think how to discribe this to you, can anybody explain how to straightlace shoes in such a way that it makes sense?
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That is a cool site and an interesting guy as well if you read about his interests.
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Lacing can be for style and/or comfort. Classic method - a simple crisscross with the lace going into the bottom eyelets and underneath the next eyelet and crossing to the eyelets on the opposite side. Horizontal - used for display purposes, but it can relieve pressure on feet with high arches. Bring one end of the lace straight up from the underneath the bottom eyelet to the top eyelet lacing the other end of the lace horizontally, then to the next eyelet on the same side and across the tongue to the one opposite. Another method, same effect is to lace the bottom two eyelets, take the left lace up through the next eyelet on the left. Next bring the lace across the tongue and up through the opposite eyelet, then the right lace up through the eyelet directly above, bring that lace across the tongue and up through the opposite eyelet. Andy
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Great sites, thanks. I'm using the european method but i don't think it works as well with 5 hole shoes. Oh well i like the way they look now.
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Hey guys, I bought a pair of Oxfords with 4 eyelets... What would the best way to lace these be? The stock picture has the laces looking like this:

But I have no idea how they managed that or if its even how they should be done. I see no way to actually tie these laces once they are laced up! Could anyone please explain the best way to do it for the shoe above?

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lol didnt want to start a new thread
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I use "Criss Cross Lacing" for all my shoes, including those with four eyelets and they look perfectly fine.
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Originally Posted by Lokesh View Post

Where did you buy these?
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That style of lacing is generally for display only, you'll want to do a simple criss-cross to make them easier to lace.
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Got them from Banana Republic. I thought you do straight lacing on Oxfords? Not criss cross?
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