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Need quick opinions on sweater fit...

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tracking an Ebay auction that ends tonight and need some help. The size is a Euro L but the seller states the measurements are chest: 50" length: 29" the seller carries high end items and has been around a long time, I'm sure he measured correctly- that just seems big to me. I unfortunately have no sweaters where I am to compare sizing. Help me determine if it would fit fine please... 5'10" 210 lbs shirt size- 17x35, or L/XL in most trousers: 36 It is cashmere if that helps, opinions please?
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It seems slightly big for a large. What's your chest/jacket size?
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Seems rather large. What type of sweater is it? If it is a Cardigan, maybe is it meant to be worn oversized. If it is a V-neck, maybe not so much. BTW, a European large is usually roughly a Eu 50, which is a US 40, or US medium. Maybe that is what the seller meant?
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That is normal for a sweater, judging by what I've seen lately. I have a 40" chest, usually a medium, and most sweaters i've seen are about 48" in the mediums. I've gone to a small for sweaters. Granted, these are not slim cut designer sweaters, but for comparison, your 50" L is probably an average large.
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My normal jacket size is 46R. I agree that it's probably too big, but it is stellar... what to do
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If you're a size 46R, that means your jackets have 50" chests. Really, 50" isn't THAT big, but it sure won't be tight.
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A 46 jacket, and the sweater has a 50" chest? If it's a fine-gauge for under a blazer etc, it's probably too big. If it's heavier-gauge/cabled/etc, then it might be OK. Depends on the look you want. I believe most of my XLs measure between 49" and 54" in the chest. If it's something unique that you're dying to have, there are reknitting places that will alter sweaters...for a price. Good luck.
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I guess I'm in the minority - I say it'll fit fine.  A physical difference of 4" is not much at all.  Kabbaz says 7" chest allowance is standard in a shirt.  4" seems slim fitting to me.
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Way too big if that chest measurement is actual inches on a tape measure.
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to update- I passed on it... I'll wait for the next size down to come along. It was a Malo for a pretty good price (which is not unusual on Ebay, but in a rarely seen color scheme that I loved).
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