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I've been lurking for a while now and I am impressed with the knowledge the members of this site possess. I am looking for shoe suggestions that I can wear to work. I wear jeans 9 days out of 10. (working for a Jean company they tend to encourage that). But being in management I need to "dress up" this look a little. I typically wear a dress shirt or a sweater under a sportcoat with a pair of jeans. I did a search and came across a lot of previous suggestions. I think I have narrowed my choices to a chukka boot and/or a loafer. Does anyone have specific suggestions or personal favorites? I'd like to keep the price under $200 but I would spend up to $300 for the perfect shoe. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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I'll go with the Chukka boot over a loafer.... the chukka would be more functional (although I have both) and I believe it would pair up with jeans much better. My perferred chukka would be an Alden in one of their brown shells.  way out of your (our) price range at the moment.  I believe its only available from the SF Alden store, and never goes on sale. You might want to check bluefly - the Polo mccallum, in dark brown shell cordovan, might still be available in your size.  If you can get a bluefly discount code and hit em up on a discount day (to combine discounts), you might be able to get them for about 270 to 280.   I don't have this shoe, but I do have a shell cordovan from Polo, and I'm quite impressed with it. If you have the time, you can hit Ebay.  You might be able to find a reputable make, brand new, for below $200.00.  That's my preferred mode of purchase.  Saves on the cash (well, not really, because I just buy more).
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I checked out Bluefly for the Polo mccallum. Unfortunately they did not have my size (size 13). It seems to be a little harder to me to find a bargain in the larger sizes.
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Wear chukkas, Chelsea, or buckled boots. A pair of Costume National ankle boots in waxed leather or Prada buckled boots would put you lightyears ahead of most guy's style game. Both can be had for well under $300 at Yoox. For a little more of a laidback feel, a pair of crepe soled suede Chelsea boots or distressed leather John Varvatos leather soled shoes are a good bet. If there is Filene's Basement near you, you may be able to score a pair for under $180. Paul Smith Chelsea boots are a less rugged, but more refined look (for those dark denim days.) And Helmut Lang's take on a Chukka is distinctive and very stylish. Good luck. There are many choices out there.
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There isn't much on ebay for boots at size 13 - just a number of basic stuff and one Polo C&J jodphur (this is a buckle boot - item 5347894039) that is pretty low now simply because it just started.... If that strikes your fancy, you might want to watch that since it doesn't look like size 13 gets heavy action beyond $100 on ebay. but then again, nothing good seems to come up with frequency, so who knows who will show up around the end of the bidding. I've never bought anything on Yoox, although I've looked there in the past.
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I think that the boot idea is probably the best. Considering where you work, etc., it sounds like LA Guy has given good advice. Were I you I might look at Chelsea more over chukka, but I do love my chukkas. Those C&J jodphurs are pretty smart, too.
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In this order, Chelseas, jodphurs, chukkas, loafers.
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I am not a fan of Chelsea boots.  Nothing wrong with them, they just do not appeal to me for some reason.  I guess the Chukka is what most will recommend next.  Anyone have a favorite pair to recommend?  I checked out Yoox.  They had very little in my size.  Bluefly had this pair.  Any thoughts?
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I am not a fan of Chelsea boots. Nothing wrong with them, they just do not appeal to me for some reason. I guess the Chukka is what most will recommend next. Anyone have a favorite pair to recommend? I checked out Yoox. They had very little in my size. Bluefly had this pair. Any thoughts?
Definitely decent, however the toe shape is a bit boring. I hate to say it but I think you may actually want to opt for a chunkier upper.
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I vote for chukka boots. I have two pairs--a very high-grade pair in cognac or chili from Faconnable (I wish I knew the vendor--they're much higher qualiy than the chukkas currently being offered by Faconnable) and more modestly priced pair intended more for outdoor wear from the Italian bootmaking firm, Silvis. Allen Edmonds introduced a new chukka, the "Stanford" in black calf and brown suede. Since you are on Long Island, you might check out their outlet store at Riverhead where you should be able to pick up a pair of seconds cheaply.
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I like the Polos at Bluefly. Make sure you get a discount code before (if) you order. There will be one floating around the board before long I'm sure.
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just to offer the opposing viewpoint, I would not get a boot. I think they feel constricting. I don't like the feel of a boot against my ankles. It's not uncomfortable, I just like my foot being liberated Like I don't like tight pants. It just gives more of a sense of comfort. Seriously though, I like loafers much better. Just my opinion.
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Chukka boots are a bridge between formal and casual shoes, and since your work woun't allow you to be formal, then wearing those will make appear better than the average Joe. It says you are proffessional, practical, and FUN.
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I know you said that Chelsea boots weren't your thing, but here's a really nice pair in a 13....
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The Polo branded C&J's in the auction linked to above have channeled soles. Is this common among the non-EG Polo shoes?
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