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New Playoff Predictions

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NFC: Philly: 14-2 (if they're going to lose, it will probably be on Monday night, although I wouldn't be surprised to see them stumble against the Bengals) Atlanta: 12-4 (Lose to Carolina or @ Seattle) Green Bay: 11-5 (win out) Seattle: 9-7 (Lose to Jets) Carolina: 9-7 (Win Out) Minnesota: 9-7 (Lose to Packers) Wild Card round: GB over Minnesota Carolina over Seattle Divisional Round: Carolina over Philadelphia GB over Atlanta Conference Championship: Carolina over GB AFC: NE 15-1 (win out) Pitt 14-2 (lose to buffalo) Chargers 13-3 (Win out) Colts 12-4 (Lose to SD) Jets 11-5 (lose to NE) Buffalo 10-6 (win out) Wild Card round: Chargers over Buffalo Colts over Jets Divisional Round: NE over SD Colts over Pittsburgh Conference Championship: NE over Indy Super Bowl: NE over Carolina In my scenario, there'd be a superbowl rematch regardless who won the conference championship. I think Philly is looking very vulnurable in the playoffs. They better keep Westbrook healthy or else they are done.
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Drizzt, I understand you're a successful bettor, but why are you always betting against the Iggles? They've lost once this year, and are great against the spread. Every Tuesday people pick the latest NFC flavor of the week to beat them, and I just don't get it. Granted, they did not have a great game Sunday, but they have been very reliable. Eh, I guess everyone needs a reason. To quote the Philly inq.'s Bill Lyon,
Yes, Line 3, welcome to "Eagles on the Road to the You-Know-What Bowl." Let me see if I've got this right. The team has only one loss. It is 16-1 under Andy Reid in prime time. It rarely loses on the road. It's going to set a team record for points scored and it's going to have more wins than any Iggles team ever. The coach has the most wins in the history of the franchise. The only ongoing controversy involves a player who, of all things, celebrates. That about it? That's about it, yes.
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......STILL sticking with Steelers/Iggles SB, heh. koji
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Colts over Pittsburgh? That's bold. Ya gotta figure it will be at Heinz field, in the cold, against the new version of the iron Curtain. I love the Colts but wouldn't put money on them winning that game.
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shoreman, I don't think the eagles have a very good team anymore. They've lost many of their defensive players to injury and many more are banged up, and they can't afford to rest their starters because they don't want to lose homefield throughout the playoffs. Yes they have McNabb and yes they have Owens, but IMO the most important player on their team is Westbrook and even though they are resting him I think if he goes down their season is more or less over. People will point out the exceptional season that McNabb has had, but much of his offense has been with the game out of reach, much like Manning's. Eagles receiver depth is not too great,Owens is great, but who else do they have? Pinkston is soft and Mitchell's only claim to fame is catching a TD pass on 4th and 26. With the loss of Thomas on the D-line, and with Simon dinged up and perhaps uncertain, their only weapons are Douglas (who is old) and Kearse (who is holding up well so far, but we'll see) Their corners have played well, but let's see how they match up against the much more physical Panthers. In that game, they'd be facing a strong rushing attack behing Goings and both fast receivers (Muhammad, Colbert) and crafty possession receivers (Proehl) with a superb special teams unit and a dominant defense. Sorry, but regardless of their previous record, I'd take the Panthers. Stu, I think Roethisberger is wearing down quite a bit. While the Steelers are still winning, can they really stop the Colts offense? My guess is no.
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I still don't see anyone in the East with the firepower to knock off the Eagles defensively. koij
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Well, washington showed that you don't need to score that many points to win against the Eagles... Carolina has a big offense though, they can put up serious points through the pass or run.
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I don't think Philly will lose to Carolina two years in a row at home. koji
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Well they've lost the conference championship three years in a row, and two of those were at home...
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Without TO. koji
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True, but he's dinged up, one hit away...
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Every player is one hit away. koji
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Well, washington showed that you don't need to score that many points to win against the Eagles...  Carolina has a big offense though, they can put up serious points through the pass or run.
Yes, but everyone forgets that Washington has the second-best defense in the league.  Granted, I haven't seen Carolina play (just know they have a current winning streak compiled against bad or mediocre teams), but I don't think Carolina's defense is going to shut the Eagles down completely, unless you know something about Westbrook's health that we don't. Plus, Carolina is playing a lot of backups.  Nick Goings isn't Stephen Davis and Keary Colbert isn't Steve Smith. I do agree with your pick of the Colts over the Steelers, though.
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One thing to keep in mind about the Colts. Yes, they are last in the AFC in yards allowed on defense, but they are like 5th from last in points. That means they are tough in the Red Zone, which speaks to the kind of guys Dungy builds his defense on: Fast athletes rather than big hulking monsters. Guys like Dwight Freeney. Just a head's up to people who read stats before they place a bet. It's a bend badly but doesn't break much defense.
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......STILL sticking with Steelers/Iggles SB, heh. koji
heh. koji
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