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Flusser in Robb Report

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A million dollars gets you: 10 suits 10 sport coats 36 shirts 10 pairs of trousers 3 dinner jackets 3 topcoats 50 ties 6 pajamas 3 leather jackets 2 robes 2 hats raincoat umbrellas, leather goods, pocket squares, cufflinks 12 pairs bespoke Edward Green shoes You also get to fly around Europe with Flusser on a private jet for fabric selections and fittings. Comes with 50 mahogany hangers with your initials engraved on MOP shields. You put those hangers in a custom installed computerized closet. The computer can select outfit combinations.
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I'll add to my "if I was Warren Buffet" wish list. Jon.
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Someone on AA did the math and caculated that the actual retail value of the goods and services is only (only.) $150,000. That leaves Flusser pocketing $850,000, plus the retail margin on the clothes sold through his shop. Is this offer for real?
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I forgot that you get autographed copies of his four books in a special compartment in the closet - that makes up for the $850K discrepancy right?
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I would imagine with the right fabric and tailoring house choices, one could push this way over $150,000. Ten pure vicuna K50's alone would likely do it. Getting to a million dollars worth of clothing would be 90% of the fun in my opinion.
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