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Any new yorkers?

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I am heading to NYC on Wednesday. Where are some good places to get discount designer clothes? My Dad is wanting a replica Rolex ( a good one $200+). Where can I find one?
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woodbury outley mall for question one. As for the rolex I'm not sure in nyc but there's a website that makes replicas with automatic movements I remember seeing another website that did true replicas (used solid gold, not plated, and were much more pricey but I don't have the link anymore so do a search on yahoo for rolex replica with swiss movement and you might find it)
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you might also find a real rolex at a pawn shop. They're all in harlem (don't worry it's not that bad anymore heh). I can't remember what street they're on but there's a bunch clustered together. Ask a taxi driver or something.
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I have to recommend Century 21 - down near the old WTC. It has the best selection of discount designer clothes I have ever seen. They're prices are good (not great), but with the sheer size of it, you're bound to find something you like.
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I second Century 21. They're really the best. For watches, try Yaeger Watch Company. The URL is, I think. They have all the top watch brands--Rolex, Cartier, Patek, Omega, Breitling, etc.) at huge discounts.
post #6 of 7 has some good fake designer watches.
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Thanks for the tips. I was hoping to get the watch at a store...souvenir, ya know. Actually, I just recently bought a high end replica watch. It is a copy of a Breguet Heritage. My Dad, who is a watch nut, was blown away by the quality of the watch. He owns an real Omega Seamaster and is very familiar with high end watches. It is quite hefty and flawlessly marked with all the factory engravings. I got it from for $ 180 ...which sure beats $9000 for an original. So if you are looking for a good watch for a good price ... I would recommend having a look.
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