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Pointy and ronded toed shoes

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Does anyone have an opinion on the new style of dress shoes with pointy and rounded toe. Ferrgamo has several in his line and a shoe buyer for a dept store told me that alot of designer are going to this style
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I like the slim pointy style, since I really, REALLY dislike the flat, squared off chunky look. However, as with anything "in extremis", elf shoes are a turn off.
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I too like pointed toe shoes,though I have trouble finding the right fit sometimes,because I have wide feet. Like any extreme in fashion,keep in mind that this style is probably fleeting,and not as practical as a more rounded toe shoe. But as an alternative to wear when going out,"cockroach killer" shoes,or ankle boots are a lot of fun,and you will get noticed.
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I think that the more disposable income you have, the more seriously you can consider indulging yourself with current trends. However if you've got a limited clothes budget i'd seriously consider sticking to a more classic shoe or something you actually need. As what I think of the shoes, I hate the really really pointy ones, but ones with a rounder toe can be nice.
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