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Leonard Paris Ties

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Any opinions regarding Leonard Paris ties? I'm considering one in a vintage clothing store; it features sailboats and very bold colors, such as pinks and turquoises. Lots of stripes and probably floral patterns - I don't recall.
Any ideas as to material quality, steadfastness of color, etc? They're supposed to be designed in French but made in Italy. All extremely vibrant. First I thought "gaudy" but it grows on me - particularly since I started reading about the company.
Is anybody familiar enought to compare them with, say, Arnys?
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The silk is of very high quality and if you like the design, you are getting a very good quality tie.
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I have two Leonard ties that always receive complements from women. They are my favorites up there with Serica Elite (no longer in business) and Massimo Bizzocchi -- top notch silk, printing and construction. No one comes close to Leonard in terms of crisp, colorful printing and stylish, whimsical designs.

My funky old digital does not come close to capturing the colors and quality of the two ties below. Unfortunately, no one in Denver carries them now -- there are a few on-line retails with good selections (but rarely on sales). Try them -- you won't be disappointed.

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Beautiful silks, very nice ties.
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Thanks. Lady in vintage clothing store is charging $14 and condition looks excellent, without studying every detail. They don't seem to have their own website; does anyone know if the company no longer makes ties? They are apparently still in the fashion business - at least ladies' fashion.
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they show up at century 21 from time to time...
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Yes; so is Yahoo my friend - particularly because it's let me have my own "group" (formerly "club") for nine years without hardly tampering with it....
I did see these websites but forgot about them. I do see, however, many products feetured on websites that look brand new but are really no longer being made (eyewear lines an excellent example). In the actual very recent articles about Leonard I've only seen information about women's Leonard Paris and fashion runways. Thanks for the links. I notice wide variation in "original, retail" prices offered between the two sites and within each site. I've seen Leonard ties listed on-line as originally as high as $225!
Anyone want to take a stab in comparing Leonard Paris with Arnys? They do remind me of each other though, I suppose, the Arnys tend to be more muted, grayed colors and the Leonard have many designs particularly intense. But many are similar.
Does anyone know if Arnys products are made in France? I note Leonard ties are said to be designed in France but made in Italy, and I associate Italian ties in general as particuarly bright in tone.
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I didn't know Century 21, other than the realty, but from the web I see it's a chain of large store in the NYC area. Looks like a very cool place and wish we had them here.
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Got the tie and it's really something. I'm thinking it was in this lady's vintage boutique many months, even when she had a moving sale with great deductions, because it really wouldn't appeal to most guys. Colors, I'm sure, could be construed as garish. However, to "those in the know," colors and pattern are fabulous. Could be called an "acquired taste," methinks. I'd post it but just don't have the equipment to do it easily.
Listed as "dessin no. 138," this Leonard Paris tie sports stripes, several kinds of ships, flowers, rope, and various other ditties - all in bright, bright dark pink, greenish yellow, turqouise, olive-taupe, pale gray, and navy. An awful lot going on here!

Of the one I see on the web at the moment this one is perhaps the closest in spirit; not similar in details at all:
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Actually, this dress has some of the same spirit as my "new" tie:

...also color scheme and stripes similar.
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Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander View Post
Beautiful silks, very nice ties.

+1. One of my favourites. Amazing colour reproductions and shades.

I will have about 30 to sell in coming weeks as well.
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I have one and I love it.

Some are a bit gaudy for my taste, but if they are not too wild and sort of like an Hermes type of designs, I like them a lot for their quality and beauty.

I'll add a picture of mine tomorrow.

I don't sleep well. Here's my Leonard of Paris which I consider conservative by their standards:

Definitely fine quality.
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For those interested, we just got in over 300 Leonard Paris ties - indeed the silks are amazing:$catalog.Oem=Leonard
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I really like the two ties pictured. They are the nicest Lenard Paris ties I've ever seen. Do you know anywhere where I can find either of the two? They are stunning and vibrant.





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