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Do Women Really Love Stylish men?

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In reading MilanoStyle's post in this thread, I began to wonder if most women like stylish men.   I am not saying MilanoStyle is wrong, but where I live, the worst dressed/looking guys have the best looking girls (that are very stylish).  Do you guys really think that women like stylish men?
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I think its something, not everything. A funny/personable guy in a Men's Wearhouse suit wins every time over a boring loser in Brioni.
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I think its something, not everything. A funny/personable guy in a Men's Wearhouse suit wins every time over a boring loser in Brioni.
Women do love stylish men, but it's not the most important feature of a man. It's a added benefit if you will. But it certainly does help to make a good impression. Very important: Shoes & Hairstyle.
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"style" is very personal. many women would like a guy to have their style, and not nessasarily the guy's style. look at alexis's earlier posts about looks she liked. I found them pretty repulsive. Alexis seems to be (if her avatar is to be believed) hot, so her taste is probrably more important than mine on the question of what women really like. I believe that most women want differnet things (as opposed to men who want one thing). like in sales, once you know who your target is, you can and should dress to convey the message that you want. if you are looking for women who are turned on by long hair and leather pants, that's what you should be wearing. if you are looking for a woman who would aprectiate a suit, then that is what you should be wearing. back when I was dating, I would meet a lot of women after work, and they would see me in my work clothes. most didn't find this appealing, they found this to be a bit intimidating, cold and formal. but, that is pretty much a good way to discribe me. My wife, however, liked it and found it comfortable.
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Like everyone else said, style is a bonus. The problem is most men that dress nice tend to act "snooty" to an extent. They end up relying too much on apperance, which is a feminine trait. Eric
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A funny/personable guy in a Men's Wearhouse suit wins every time over a boring loser in Brioni.
Nail on the head, alaaro. Also, despite the current clothing/cultural trends that have made it (generally) more culturally acceptable for men to pay attention to appearance, few women like men who seem vain, or more concerned with appearance than they are. Also depends on type of woman, naturally.
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The answer is no, women do not love stylish men because in the United States, "style" is a feminine trait. They don't want a man who'll embarrass them and who'll occasionally wear something they actually like, but they don't like a man to be stylish. It's something women like to complain about, but dressing well (like other feminine traits like crying) are seen as unmasculine and that undercuts a woman's sense of her femininity.
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mr. magoo, SOME women prefer stylish, cultured gentlemen, not slobs. All my girlfriends always have. The one thing you must be careful about is not to TALK about it. You can look sharp, but don't come across as caring too much. Keep it to yourself, and to the Styleforum. If you talk too much about clothes, it will sound like you're always looking for approval, which makes you sound like a dependent loser.
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Dress as well as you want, but accessorize w/a pair of BK's in your back pocket to offset any potential weenerness.
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IMHO, women are invariably attracted to *confident* men, and confident men generally have style insofar as they are comfortable in their own skin (and their second skins) whether it be polo and chinos, trendy streetwear, or a Kiton suit and Lattanzi shoes. This is best shown in the negative. Women tend to be repulsed by arrogance (because arrogance is insecurity mascarading as confidence,) and vanity (because vanity is a wall staving off insecurity.) So yes, women are atttracted to stylish men, but style does not necessarily equate with a well put together wardrobe.
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Depends on the woman, depends on the man.
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This kind of thing just doesn't lend itself to generalization. Whichever way you go you'll just self-select the kind of women who resonate with your choice. If you find you can't connect with anyone, it probably isn't your clothing that's to blame. My wife's watched me go from long hair, ratty T-shirts and running shorts to Charvet ties and Grenson Masterpieces without batting an eyelash. It probably isn't good to project obsession and insecurity about clothing, however--hence the emphasis on wearing things "unconsciously". Good luck hiding your borderline-neurotic impulses toward 7-fold ties etc. once you're living together, though...the truth will out, 'tis said.
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I think that women are often attracted to the projection of an attitude. Many of us on this forum choose to project an attitude through our clothing. Others choose to project their attitude in other ways - i.e. treating women like dirt, acting as bullies or just generally other ways of acting like jerks. Unfortunately, many women seem to like that type of image and will fall for those type of guys. Just remember that there are lots of fish in the sea. Bradford
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Perhaps "˜tis I, but I believe that a man's clothing is part of who he is, not who he is. Clothing is simply an extension of you that you show the world, the same goes with your erudition, vocabulary, comical ability, confidence, haircut, facial hair (if any), etc... Alas the trick in clothing is not to always be well dressed, but rather dressed for the part. If one wears a tuxedo to the beach, obviously you will be better dressed than the rest, but shall be a fool nonetheless. Btw: obsession is not a quality that I have found women finding enduring. Jon.
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I remember watching this couple in the mall.  Two beautiful people, right?  The guy's dark and tall.  Beautiful leather blazer.  The woman is blonde and sleek.  Dolce shearling.  You know, dressed to the nines.  Alright but the woman, the lady, she's like five steps behind this dude, and she's saying with this all-angry I'm gonna get you one day voice, "You're a fuc_er.  You know that?  You're a fuc_er."  And he's just walking right on. I'z like--damned. I'z like--holy shiite muslim. So much attraction and so much repulsion.  Ah, the circle of life.
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