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DC Area Local Bands...

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I've started getting more into the local band scene lately. I have one band I follow around called Restoring Poetry to Music or RPM. They sound a little like the Roots mixed with Hendrix but definetly a sound all their own. They have a website that just got finished . I defenitely recommend you guys check them out, and let me know if your gonna be at one of their gigs cause I'll most likely be there. Can anyone else recommend some good bands in the area to check out? Eric
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I don't know a lot of band names off hand, but I do like going to listen to the live blues and bluegrass at Madam's Organ. Honestly, a vast majority of bands that I have heard around here are cover bands, like Love Seed Mama Jump and Mr Greengenes and other Dewey Beach bands. It might be a function of the bars I go to. I go to Gonzo's Nose shows also on occasion, mostly because they were foudned at my alma mater.
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Check out DC9 and the Grog, they have shows occasionally. Eric
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Scythian is a pretty great Celtic-influenced band. I'm pretty sure they play around DC a bit, though I saw them in Philly. There is, of course, a strong indie scene in DC. Check out for the Black Cat's show schedule, they often showcase quasi-local talent, or at least have local openers. Check out the band Washington Social Club, too, I saw them open a few weeks ago, very very energetic. A little punk/Clash-influenced, definitely DC (Fugazi-influenced), but with a friendlier, non-scenester edge. That makes no sense, but they're REALLY good live, and the girl bassist is hot. They also have the three singers hit the mic at the same time thing (a la Clash) which is always cool.
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DC is the last surviving bastion of genuine post punk. Bands from DC include: Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Minor Threat, Q And Not U, Black Eyes, and I THINK Youth Brigade as well... it is the home of Fugazi's own legendary record label: Dischord (on an added note, I think Dischord STILL continues to make the MSRP of all of their CD's $10). DC is where some of the most influential American punk came from. I bet Q And Not U shows are quite crowded in the DC area, but take my word for it they are amazing (live especially).
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Decahedron's DC-area I think. I'm sure I'll think of more later.
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