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Good cheap shirts

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I need some good cheap shirts that will last for a bit. I need to buy some shirts for my internship and they will be worn quite a bit so they will have to hold up. I'm looking for about 5 shirts and would like to keep them around $20-30. I've heard lands end's shirts are good but is there anything else out there?
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Nordstrom is having a 50% off sale this weekend. Not sure if this is national, but it is happening here.
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As John points out, now would be a good time to find some deals with the sales coming on, especially after Christmas. I would also visit the usual suspects TJ Maxx/Marshall's, Filene's, Nordstrom Rack. Our local TJ Maxx and Marshall's had some shirts that stood out from their regular fare such as Joseph Abboud and Ted Baker, each with some double cuff models. There were also a large number of Polo dress shirts including spread collar and double cuff models (not just the standard Polo button down). Also look for Ike Behar in that price range. I think any of those would make good choices. If you have the time and access, hitting a couple of thrift stores might not be a bad idea either. It's likely you can find Brooks Brothers, Joseph A Banks, etc. without too much difficulty and if you're lucky you can get all the shirts you need for $20-$30 total with a few ties thrown in.
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You can try the sales which are coming-up at Brooks and other stores. However, your price range is limited, therefore, Land's End may be your best bet.
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I second the Ike Behar recommendation. Very cheap online, excellent quality.
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Re Ike Behar, I got one at a thrift store, and it was cut like a tent. Do they usually fit this way?
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I'd suggest Kenneth Gordon shirts, if you can find them. As they seem to be the same in fabric and construction to Aquascutum, I assume they may be made by the same manufacturer. I've picked up very attractive and serviceable Kenneth Gordons for as little as $17 at Filene's Basement whereas the identical Aquascutum runs to $40. Worth looking for, in my opinion. Good luck with your internship.
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