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Changing lapel roll on 3 button

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Folks, Does anyone know if you can change the roll of the lapel on a 3 button to roll to the 2nd button instead of the 3rd (top) button. I have two suits which seem to have too high of a top button. Since changing the buttons is impossible - can the roll be changed?
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It can be done, but it requires totally recutting the collar. It will likely be very, very costly. In addition, repressing the lapel takes a bit of skill. $200 alteration maybe? Maybe less. I'm just guessing here on price. But certainly over $100 I'd say. Is it possible to just leave the top button undone?
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I have seen suits with the smashed-flat looking three button stance that were successfully pressed out to at least roll more smoothly to the second button. I don't think (though I disclaim all liability) that you would wreck it by pressing the underside of the lapel out flat over the top buttonhole and seeing whether it will roll down lower. It depends on the construction inside the lapel, though, as some suits are made with very well defined rolls, actually more of a fold, whereas some are made with a very natural roll, etc. Is there pad stitching (little pick stitches) under the whole lapel, just in a line along the roll, or not at all? Are the lapels fused or canvassed? Please excuse stream-of-consciousness reply, can't stop sneezing to edit.
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There are many factors to consider: the shape the lapels, the position and cut of the collar, the way the lapel is stitched and rolles, etc. The result is not likely to look good. It's not impossible, but it's not likely.
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Just give it to a lousy dry cleaner. They will do it for you. Just like my old Dry cleaner did for me.
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The answer is probably no. You won't be able to do it on a good coat because the underlying structure is made that way. You would have to take apart the coat (literally). You would need a very skilled, custom tailor. Then, it is likely that the result will be a mish-mash. I cannot comment on a less expensive make which may have a rigid structure or hardly any structure. As a general rule, when you try to remake the garment (e.g., turning a double breasted into a single breasted) you will get a disappointing result that will result in a prompt trip to the thrift shop. Good luck.
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buy a new suit.
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