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Glen plaid ties are one of the classic tie motifs. Just as much as polka dots, stripes, houndstooth checks, knits, etc. They are most certainly not wedding ties although they are popular with morning coats. I've got a couple of grey ones, large check and small check, and a couple of large checks in other colors. If you like the monochromatic effect, which is widely espoused here btw, nothing looks better than a plain mid grey suit, white shirt and small/mid size grey check. It's a very subtle and sophisticated look. You just have to be a little careful when you look at your shirt, suit tie combo but surely you have to with most looks apart from a few no brainers like rep stripes with blazers. I haven't got any but the brown/green palette combos worn with tweed suits can look good too. I can't imagine anyone with any pretensions to style not having a couple of glen plaid ties in his drawer.
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Given that few have expressed strong desire for keeping them in their regular rotation, I'll probably wait to see if I can find one at a deep discount rather than the modest discount offered by BB during the semi-annual.

Thanks everybody for sharing.
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Originally Posted by woolymammoth View Post
I like this one...

Got that one yesterday at Selfridges for £16.

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I bought one thinking it would elevate me to the status of "Style Demigod" but instead it demoted me to "pantless peon". It sits in my closet unused because it actually looks pretty boring once I have it on. It also laughs at me.

Mine was from Aquascutum and is slightly warm coloured, I think the neutral grey ones may be the most versatile though I'd be interested in seeing them in other colours.
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I've got one from RLPL in a fairly 'large' pattern, and one by Polo RL in a smaller glen plaid pattern. I also have a couple of wool ones from Brooks Brothers. I love them all and tend to wear them a couple of times a month, with a wide variety of shirts and jackets. I must admit that I don't tend to wear them too much with suits - more with trousers and odd jackets.
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Manton is right, they are good for weddings. So are grenadines and other solids. You don't want to wear a loud tie to a wedding, and stripes look too casual and mundane for what's always at least a semi-formal event. This does not mean you can't wear a glen plaid tie whenever you want. I think they are classy and understated, and it takes a certain amount of expertise to pick one up in the store & know how to wear one: I think they look much better in an outfit than they do in isolation.
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Well, Manton didn't invent the term 'wedding tie', so don't saddle him with it. They're useful for weddings, but regular wear as well.
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