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I got rid of my home phone about 5 years ago and haven't looked back. Brain cancer might become an issue but they sure are convenient. Not to mention it is cheaper for a cell phone than a landline in some cases. I still don't know how basic cable and landlines can get away with charging as much as they do.
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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn View Post
1. Physically faxing a document is a thing of the past, man. With all the web-based faxing services available, there's really no need for a home fax (but you do need a scanner for faxing physical documents, though). I've done all my faxing/receiving from my laptop using It's fantastic.

2. You could have two lines going to your BB. If you don't want a line open, just turn it off, no?

I had a land line at my old apartment because my roommate was making a lot of international calls. I used it exactly once, to make an international call. Other than that, I don't even answer calls from that phone.

Didn't realize I could get another number going to my BB. Might look into it. However, I still want to physically fax documents. The main thing I fax are actually wine orders from my 20 or so mailing lists. I could easily email my CC number and such, but call me paranoid, I do not like emailing that stuff. Also, so much easier to just fax a piece of paper, vs. scanning etc. Lastly, don't those web-fax services have a monthly? My fax cost $80 four years ago.

That 2nd BB number is an interesting thought though.
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I've never missed not having a landline since I got rid of it 4 years ago
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I find it frustrating talking to someone via cell for any length of time. Reception is often an issue, regardless of carrier, but much is also due to the fact that people are talking into phones the size of Triscuit wafers while multi-tasking, and they don't consistently direct their voices into the mic accurately. I can't have a conversation with someone on a cellphone for more than 5 minutes without my blood pressure rising.
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I don't like cell-phones, and I use a rotary dial phone.
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We don't have cell reception where we live so a landline is necessary.
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If you have a wife or girlfriend, I pity you for turning off that home phone once you get your wireless bill!
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I can never hear or find my cell in the house, so I leave it in the car. Also, my security service is tied to the the land line.
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The only time I miss the land line phone is for the clarity. I had a Bang and Olufson phone years ago, and man that thing was clear! Also, the vintage rotary dial phones sounded great.

No land line for me since 2003.
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Haven't owned a land-line since 2003 and never looked back. It helps I'm living in a big city where reception is excellent. My wife's also been the same since 05.
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All this technology, and a simple rotary-dial phone still sounds clearer. Besides, they work during power outages.
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Cell phone only for about 2 years and wish I had done it sooner.
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Even though I possess one, I no longer can stand mobiles or any newfangled device that supposed to be a "time saver". It's rarely ever on.
I'm actually divesting myself of new technology - because I'm sick of the word "technology" too.
Such things do not save time, more so, it creates additional aggravation.

I'm traumatized when I hear that Cell phones will create the next Cancer epidemic - well then if true, most of my high-speed friends and associates may be gone within the decade, and all I'll be left with is my series of landlines and even better, a couple of dixie cups and some string.

I have an old vintage candlestick phone in my office, and I use that often on the private line, when I'm posturing dialogue pell-mell, as a character in a Ben Hecht play.
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I have a personal cell and VOIP phone on my laptop for work to make overseas calls.
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I haven't had a land line in 5 - 6 years. As soon as I buy a house and get an alarm system I think I will have to go back, but that shouldn't be for another 9+ months.
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