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Can You Identify This coat?

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Hey everyone. I want this exact coat worn by Denzel Washington in Training Day. If I cant find the exact one he has I'll have to go a tailor and show him pics and then he might not even get it right.
Anyone know the make? Thanks,

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Believe it or not, it looks almost exactly like a Brooks Brother car coat I bought about five years ago - was on sale at the BB outlet.

I can't wear it anymore because I've lost a lot of weight, but the leather is still the best I've ever had in a jacket - absolutely buttery soft and smooth.
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I think I saw a bloke in Marks and Spencer buying this exact coat, I couldn't say for sure because this was a long time ago. I think they might be using the same one for this movie though.
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That thing is too big for him around the torso.

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Thats what I like though, that baggy look. Do you really think it would be better tighter around the torso? I have one like that. Do you think thats better?
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i believe its baggy because he was going for a gangster look.

I have a very similar jacket, its a Calvin Klein, however its a 3-button.

I had it trimmed up in the waist, i'm a skinny guy so baggy jackets look like hell on me.
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Talk to Peter. He can damn near make anything. Did a custom job for me - very similar to the Training Day coat - and cost me about $650.

Peter and his wife are great people.
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