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What got me was the shoes--do they strike anyone else as not working with the fleece, but against the fleece?
Funny you mention that, since I am almost 100% sure that those aren't Polo / RLPL shoes. They must be made by some other manufacture. You think they would picture the model wearing one of their shoes, not some other companies. Jon.
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no, no, no. men should never wear juicy couture. are you kidding me? (along the same lines, men should never wear express for men).
Oh, gimme a break. The sweats are comfortable, and worth if if you can get them cheap (correction, really cheap). How do you know if a guy is wearing Juicy couture anyway, other than if there is "Juicv" written across his ass? In which case, I agree completely.
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Like gorgekko said, I just don't see how I could take a guy seriously in Juicy couture. I would be uncomfortable even if nobody knew what I was wearing because I'd still know. Just say the name, say it out loud, seriously. Juicy? That might be the most feminine sounding name in the game. And they make a product that looks awful for women too. I don't want to walk around looking like a 3 year old and I don't want my girl to look like a toddler either. As for Express. There is simply no way you can defend Express/Structure and claim to be sartorially branche (they won't let me get the accent mark above the "e"). I really don't think men should be wearing labels that primarily focus on women or are more known for their women's lines. LA Guy, I definitely respect your knowledge, but you can't talk about 45rpm jeans and then in the next post switch it to Juicy's, lol...
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structure was not cool, that was the jersey mall uniform in the early to mid 90's. not hip.
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So men shouldn't wear Gucci, Prada, Dior, etc, either? They focus on their women's line more so than their men's clothes as well and are more well known for them as well.
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And they make a product that looks awful for women too.
Damn, Juicy bottoms make juicy bottoms look even juicier. ('course, some chicks need not apply.) C'mon now man.
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haha, the whole velour thing has just been ruined for me. juicy bottoms look juicy in just about anything though
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I think the most distinguished grey sweatshirt adherent is one of my personal idols, Bill Belichick. That being said, here's a cool way to spruce up your grey sweatshirt -- wear it under a navy pinstripe Brioni suit. This look is at it's coolest when your sweatshirt is hooded, of course. I call the look "Unibomber Meets American Psycho".
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I have these exact RLPL sweatpants ($50 on eBay), and although they are nice, front zipper and all, the tag says "Dry Clean Only".  Like thats going to happen.... James
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