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Nu Hair, does it work?

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Hello guys, Has anyone here tried Nu Hair and does it work? My sister's hairdresser swears by it and though I am relatively comfortable with my thinning hair, I would like to give this a shot. Please share whatever experiences you have. For those who live in the NYC area, Duane Reade doesn't carry this but CVS does. Thank you very much. best, f
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Why not join the crowd and just shave, I understand it is very suave and debaneire....is that right, looks right, but...oh well.
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Why not go with Finasteride and Minoxidil? Both are FDA-approved for promoting hair growth.
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I am doing very well with house brand Minoxidil. The sooner you start the better the results.
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Shaving is a way to go... you'll feel a huge weight off your shoulders. Also, consider Laser Hair Stimulation, I'm currently investigating that. Altho I've shaved my head, I still like to try to grow back my hair line.
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I have not been blessed with a nicely shaped skull hence my hesitation to shave. I would look so awful with a shaved head.....oh the horror..
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I have been using nu hair for about 1 month along with nisim shampoo and extract and have had great results. don't know if it is nu hair or nisim, but whatever it is its working. have been thinnig a little up top and receding some. I am losing very little hair nowand have seen thickness and regrowth. I am honestly very surprised. I bought nu hair at walgreens...running a 2 for 1 special. I hope results continue, but like i said, I am really surprised. also started brushing hair regularly. anyway, good luck.
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