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Originally Posted by BillyMaysHere! View Post
Learn to read post dates, according to his date and the text in his post he would have done the trip a year and a half ago.

Good point
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The neighborhood has really gone downhill, you know.

Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
Lee, in what wilderness is your safari?

- B
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What do you think of this Safari jacket as a casual summer jacket?
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

I think the filson jackets are awful.

The fabric is so so and the needle work is just bad. Huge stitches, loose threads everywhere.

I have seen some jackets that Leonard Logsdail has made. those were quite nice!
Does anyone else share this opinion of the Filson jacket? I am interested in buying one, but I've seen photos on eBay which kind of confirm the comment about so-so fabric and the clumsy stiching (it's not possible for me to view one in person before buying).
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the last Filson jacket i saw was not very nice.
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Originally Posted by edmorel View Post


Originally Posted by chorse123 View Post

Edmorel, please post your picture. Thanks.

I'm here to please.

Nice... very colonial.
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we have made a few recently

will have to post pictures at some point.
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Below are official measurements for Filson's bush jacket (style #10051) which the company's customer service department provided in an email. These jackets definitely fit big.


CHEST 49 52 55
SWEEP 48 51 54
NECK 17½ 18 18½
BACK 32¼ 33 33¾
ARMHOLE 24¾ 25½ 26¼
SLEEVE 35 35½ 36
CUFF 10 10½ 11
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Does anybody know anything about the Beretta brand? I was looking for a safari jacket myself and came across this:


Looks pretty sweet to me.
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I recently picked up two older safari jackets via eBay: one older Banana Republic (with number sizing) and a Tilley (long discontinued). The BR jacket is particularly nice and old ones in good shape show up on eBay quite regularly - strongly recommended.

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Filson customer service told me today via email that their bush jacket (#10051) has been discontinued, at least temporarily, although they didn't seem 100% certain. They did say they have a few sitting around so interested persons should call them and they might have your size.
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there are many safari jackets in sort of a blazer cut and very blazer like style, which mostly run much shorter than a blazer (don't cover your rear)

I guess blazer length principle doesn't apply here?

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I cannot believe we wrote exchanges like this.
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Originally Posted by crazyquik View Post

I like Beretta's.

Bloody shame what happened to Willis & Geiger though

Willis & Geiger made the Poplin Safari Jackets for Abercrombie and Fitch.  They have been gone for years.( I don't know if someone is using their name the way so many great names from the past are used today by "imposters" )  We have made Safari Jackets - with bellows pockets( suede in the bellows and the top collar).  We have made them out Shetland, silk, cashmere, and corduroy.  I have a Shetland Safari jacket in  my office.


Paul Winston

Winston Tailors/ www.chippneckwear.com

212 687-0850

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