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Originally Posted by sfnewbie View Post
I don't mean to dig up old threads, but is the attached pic what you are referring to?

That's them. My Dad had some from his days in the 8th Air Force, WWII.
The were used with the Wool/ Gabardine officers shirts which are similar
to some police shirts today
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I use the pairs that came with Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin shirts. They work very well and are just a little bit heavier than the plastic ones commonly given with the shirt. My suggestion would be to pick up a pair of those.
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Little late here. Just began looking for stays myself, and found this thread. Also found this link:  http://www.grunt.com/2-piece-metal-collar-stays/?utm_source=sgnews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nlsgA100511 


I think this is what you're looking for. 

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I too have been looking for one peice spring loaded collar stays, also refered to as a "Spiffy".


I finally found them, ordered two and they are the correct ones, 'M" shappes with spring each side.


There are still manufactured by Reliable World Trade Co., Inc in Oakland, California; however, they apparently only sell to military uniform shops.


Individuals can order them from John Helmer, Haberdasher in Portland Oregon www.johnhelmer.com


They charge $6.00 each with no shipping charges.


While many of the replys poopooeed the idea of even wearing such a contraption, If you want your collar points sharp and staying down, this is really the best invention.

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Originally Posted by pajames View Post

The last time I saw these were in the Navy Exchange for Marine uniforms but that was many years ago.

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You can find them here.  Actually both of the old types, both the one piece and two piece sets.  This is all I have used since 1981.  They are great. 



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