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you may want to advertise to some of the smaller bespoke suit makers in your area. Which area are you located in BTW?
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I clearly don't match most of the forum in terms of measurements but someone needs to represent the larger fellows. 17 neck, 43 chest, 33 waist. FWIW I haven't found anything OTR to be acceptable pre tailoring. Good luck with your venture. Regards, Chris
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14.5 36 33 - Would love a shirt which does not bellow out at the back. As
far as price goes I have been getting some very nice MTM at the $120
price point.
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Thanks for all the feedback! If anyone else wishes to share his measurements they'll be greatly appreciated!
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15.5/39/32 ish. 18" across shoulders. An H&M slim fit medium fits me like it was made for me. They are like $40 so that might be a good place to start for developing a pattern.
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I've finally perfected the cut of the shirts. Here are some of the photos I took of the sample I've been working on. MOP buttons, 19 stitches per inch, barrel cuffs, 4 piece back yoke, flat-felled seams throughout the shirt.

Have a look guys!
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look great! i'm very interested. i had dabbled with some of this stuff before.

i really liked the way my thom browne shirts fit and i was so frustrated for paying close to 3 hundred dollars for one shirt. so i sent a few of my shirts to get copied. they are great but they arent made in the us. i had even gone as far as to try and open an account with gitman bros. no dice...

but hey man keep this up. if i had the extra money i would start a line. there just isn't really any sort of clothing for a mid price point that is well tailored. like if tb or BoO was more affordable those guys would be even bigger. i know i know though with cheaper cost is less expensive materials. etc etc. but heck somebody has to do it. why not you?
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Yea, precisely. Thanks for the comment! Been really busy setting things up and getting it up and running.
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Shirt looks good and heaven knows it's hard enough to find slim fits shirts! Two comments though: (1) I'm not crazy about the pleated back, prefer it flat, and (2) generally prefer french cuffs. If these two are options, I can't wait till you go live with the business. Good luck!
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question.. what do the pleats do? None of my shirts have pleats which is why I ask.
Neck; 15.25
chest; 39.5
hips; 34
waist; 32

good luck.
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The shirts look great except for the pleat in the back. that would be a deal-breaker for me. The front is quite plain and minimalist which I like, the back seems to go in the other direction which I'm not a fan of. But still a very nice looking shirt indeed.
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Augustus, I applaud you taking action to resolve a clear problem in this country: lack of well-fitting shirts and pants. I've thought about it many times myself.

My question is more business-based. How are you planning on building a sustainable business model with a high cost/ low volume product? In my opinion, cracking this nut has been the main barrier to entry for many retailers, and it continues to bog my mind. Would you be willing to share your revenue model?
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i suggest a systematic appraoch to starting a business. look to (non profit) the largest entrpreneurship training program in the usa. classes are held at the sba and sbdc (edu section of sba) and colleges around the country. pratical, through and thousands have been through the program so it has been valuable for successful start ups in the real world. good luck.
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Obviously there is a lot of demand for a slim fit - but why wouldn't people just go MTM? Do we think that even MTM can't come up with something slim enough?
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