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yes on paul smith gray boots.
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I have those and they are a fantastic pair of boots. Leather is great and they're comfortable right out of the box. I say go for them.

I'm looking for a brown suede boot between $200-$350 that would pair well with chinos & raw jeans mostly, but possibly dress trousers/slacks if the styling allows. Mostly for casual wear though. I have my eye on the following (sorry for the lack of pics for now, just had links). Most of my denim and pants range in hem opening from 7"-8", mostly in the 7.5" range.

1. Grenson Smith Suede Chukka:
2. McNairy Red Brick Chukka:
3. McNairy Cap Toe Red Brick Boot from Epaulet:

What do you guys think? I feel the Grenson would work well for casual/dress trousers and denim alike, but damn I love me some red brick against suede. Maybe I just need to get a classic buck?
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That MMM leather looks sick. I like it even better than the black.
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post
Eh? Anyone seen the mmm grey moto in person?

guys, this looks like something Hancock would wear.
It's not pretty.
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disagree. that moto is really nice.
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Not my favourite colourway. Might look better open but I just don't know about that much contrast and don't wear light coloured pants that much (not through aversion so much as not having any really good prs).
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god i hate yoox models
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post
When you get yours, make sure to check it out. Upon further inspection, I found a hole on the sleeves and I am sure Gilt is fully aware of it too because there was a little tape next to the hole as if it were marked. So keep an eye out for any damage.

I'll give Gilt a call tomorrow and I'd consider keeping it if they give me a big enough extra discount on it (which is probably doubtful) but chances are I am going to be returning this. I know the hole isn't the most noticeable thing int he world but it will bug the hell out me knowing it's there.

Sorry to quote myself but I called Gilt and they offered to refund me back $50. Would you guys keep it after the $50 refund (becomes $100 total after the extra $50 off)? I might even get to talk an extra $10-$20 refunded too.

Next question is is the hole fixable? I do not really think it can be fixed where it is flawless but then again I am not expert in tailoring.

What do you guys think?
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I think $50 is fair and it looks like it's barely noticeable. If it's the sort of thing that's going to really bug you send the jacket back. If you can live with it, take the $50.
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^ That's a good deal, but is that really what you're lookin for? You'll have to spend money to fix it, and like you said, you'll always know it's there and it'll always bug you. Next, there's the issue of fit. It doesn't look too off, but you're probably going to have to sink extra tailoring money into it to get it the way you want. When you take all that into account, I don't think the discount will make it worth it to the point where you will feel the value in the piece, apart from the excellent deal you got from it.
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$50 back isn't really worth it. I would just send it back and make them pay return shipping and give you full refund.
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It's gilt, they already do return shipping and will refund you original payment if anything's damaged.
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oh then send it back.
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Interesting to see reactions all over the place to the moto. I have wanted a leather in that color for a while so I am very tempted. I will give it a day and decide what to do.
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Yoox models are horrible. They can make the coolest clothing look like a giant pile of shit.
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