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three buttons blue one is cool, black thumbs down

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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

i actually already have a blue and a grey chesterfield but both are pretty conventional, this one has more volume and a beautiful drape to it. (tried on the grey, haven't yet seen the blue IRL). hard to describe but there's a slight springiness in the fabric- it doesn't just fall inertly- and the shoulders, while slouchy, have a touch of structure, more from the construction than any padding.
i wear black pants a lot in winter so i guess either would go...

i like the blue better but that might just be the photo
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Originally Posted by curiouscharles View Post

don't get me wrong, i LOVE smaller communities [hello Victoria!], but 50% pay cut? HELL NO.


Also, resort towns aren't really known for being cheap, right? I mean, conceivably cheaper than Tokyo.

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Cashmere fwiw.
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If you don't get it yourself, feel free to send me the link for it, I've been wanting a red or orange scarf for a lil while now
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cyc you really want something with flowers on it these days ? i can send you a bouquet inlove.gif

scarf looks fine if you think you'll wear that color, cashmere can be great or awful depending on how they're sourcing it. pashmina is on another level of softness though
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I'm probably not going to buy either, but curious what others think of these:

I tried the black version of the fishtail on in store, and it looked great IRL, but I sure wasn't going to part with 1.8k(!) for what's essentially still a fairly plain cotton parka. Now the black one has sold out everywhere and I'm not sure what a snow-white coat will look like when it's been worn one season (or even five or ten seasons...).
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don't get the raf parka, it's some random dude's face on a parka

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Yeah, don't get the appeal of the Raf parka at all. 1.8k? Yikes
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margiela is really long, and no to dude's face

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If you're gonna spend near 1800 go for the Dries trench.

Or a cheaper option: Geller "Giorgio" trench

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that dries one is great, there are some fantastic ones in the ss17 collection as well
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Siki Im Blazer?

Or too much overlap with my Peir Wu lapel-less blazer?
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while i'm a big fan of lapelless blazers, that one doesn't particularly strike my fancy
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Yeah I get that, I like aspects of it and really love lapel-less blazers and coats; but should probably let this one slide on by
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