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Originally Posted by AlexanderTG View Post

Thanks, conceptionist. I'm trying out a lot of different things. I come from a Margiela/Oliver Spencer background but I've recently picked up some MA+ Luc and IE gear. Hoping to fuse a little avant with my SLP and workwear. I believe it can be done. But of the things in the Peir Wu SS14 collection I agree that there's not much that would probably look good on me.

Do you have a vision of how you're trying to dress? From your posts you sound like you're just buying everything on the internet
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Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

Do you have a vision of how you're trying to dress? From your posts you sound like you're just buying everything on the internet

Edit: to answer your question quickly, yes. I think I do.

Reading that post I agree it does sound that way. And it's true that I've bought a lot of stuff online. Thanks to SF I've discovered a lot of brands that I never knew of (Peir Wu, Paul Harnden, etc). But I'm not getting three things from every designer, just one or two that I really like. I've sent stuff back a bunch too.

Not to sound like a broken record but I've lost a lot of weight recently and I've had to get rid of a lot of stuff I had been wearing for years that's just too big for me now. I had a ton of APC and Margiela that went out the door. A lot of Wings and Horns henleys and pants and a ton of knits. It's all gone and it's left me with a bunch of space to fill up.

So I may have gotten a few things that don't all necessarily work well at the moment all together, but that's because I'm definitely in need of some new pants/jeans. That's the missing link as far as I can tell.

But I like the look of some EG/Beams workwear jackets paired with a plain T and some SLP/R&B jeans and Common Projects for everyday wear.

I picked up the CCP derbies and have been wearing them a bit just with some normal stuff and liking the way they look. I've always worn sneakers but that's just changed I think. The baller boots world is new for me and I probably won't ever really be able to justify any double zip A1923, but my derbies I do like.

I am a musician by trade so I am also trying to build up a bit of a cache of stuff that might not see use on a regular rotation (perhaps the MA+ jacket as an example) but that look very cool and unique on stage and with a guitar on (not to sound too cliche but that's what I do) with a pair of Guidi black side zips and some black selvedge jeans.

At 44 (tomorrow) I'm attempting to not let my age define me or make me look stupid at the same time. I'm going for a darker, more subtle look with some great textures and cuts. But at 5'6" I have to have most everything tailored including t-shirts.

I'm not putting up fit pics everyday because I don't look good as I'd like to everyday. But the stuff I've gotten recently from the brands that speak to me makes me feel like I'm on the right track.

I think it'll all make sense soon. I hope so anyway.
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Devoa Washi/Paper Twisted Seam Pants?
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Nothing wrong with experimenting and trying new things if you have the funds for it. I'm still very much at that stage. I have a decent idea of where I wanna take it, but if you look at my wardrobe right now it's pretty incoherent taken as a whole, and I think that can come across in some of my outfits.
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i have those washi pants if those are from ss12. they're really nice for warmer weather when you want to wear long pants because they're super breezy
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Are they super lightweight? It's winter here in Australia. How do they fit on you? If I remember correctly you are near the same height (short) and weight (skinny) as I am.
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they are quite lightweight. definitely only for warmer weather. i sized down on them, but i regret doing so. i have relatively skinny legs, so they work, but they're a bit tighter than how i'd like them. my size 2 devoas definitely fit better. going tts is the best idea imo. i'm pretty much a true 46 all around, but at my skinniest (which is not now...because winter is stouts/porter season...), i can wear a 44 if they're not too slim.
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needles jkt
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breezy, I hope that has an embroidered dragon on the back :)



Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Calf. Price is right


I like everything but the zip-out hood in the collar.

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I wish it had dragon on back! only on sleeves. gonna try it on next week
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post


I like everything but the zip-out hood in the collar.


I think I'm gonna pass on it.  It looks a bit cropped and I have a long torso

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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Would be my first leather.



Price (~450 USD reasonable for a leather even with shipping to the US)

Classic style but with some uniqueness (quilting)

My wife hates quilting (which makes me like it a little more)

Ribbed cuff and neck


2 way zip

measurements seem pretty spot on for a good fit



Price (does that mean cheap leather?)

Quilting (would I be better off getting the more basic version which will always be classic? see spoilers)

It's May (this doesn't really bother me. If it sits in the closest until fall isn't really an issue, I'm buying things for the long haul not immediate gratification)



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I havent had any experience with their leather but I can vouch for the quality of the MKI black range, I bought one of their black wool coats in 24 oz melton wool,

Its good especially considering the price,

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Well it's warm now and we may have jumped right into summer.
I really like both, can't afford either, will be partially irresponsible one way or another

Tencil/cupra flowy ultra light shirt jacket thing
Or layering wool piece for next winter? Personally am inclined toward the former

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former for me, latter for you
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the longer belted wool thing is nicer and a better length so i would get the shirt jacket thing (or the longer belted wool thing)
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