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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 2483

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Maybe if you're a 18 year old jock
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19, so thats a positive...

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I think we'll need to see more angles of the jeans before we can make an informed decision.
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EG $200[/quote]
Originally Posted by AlexanderTG View Post

I really want to believe that the summer will make me want to wear this. Really I do. I'm just . . . not . . . sure.

EG $200

Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

... what would you wear it with?

Could be nice under a denim jacket with olive trousers. I dunno. It may be so polarizing to stick around for at least 30% off.
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It is a nice shirt, but would prefer it if it was long-sleeved... you just have more options to wear it without looking like a visor wearin hot dog eatin dude (not that there's anything wrong with eating hot dogs)
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Sorry, the blood moon was like two nights ago, you're gonna need to wait for the next one before you buy that demon summoning ring
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I am not sure about that shirt

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^^yeah, I know. Maybe save the scratch for something I'll wear more than three times. I'd like to think I'm bold but I don't know if I could really walk out of the house in it.
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Is there a better basic leather to buy than this?Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2


Seems like it already sold to someone and it's now back up from the same seller. Makes me wonder a bit. I own a lot of MMM but no leathers.
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or virgils (these or similar)

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I have quite a bit of sassafras, the quality is outstansing
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Ever since I saw Silent stuff in 2011 I wanted a cool green knit. I wonder if this one counts as one shog[1].gif

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