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Yeah, they shockingly add up to the same cost....
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How do I not know what this sick preorder business is frown.gif
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Thinking about picking up a new pair of raw denim.. any suggestions for a medium/high-rise, loose top-block, and slight taper from the knee down? No back-pocket stitching, no weird details, just plain jeans.

Something I could pair with a comfy knit, down jacket, and some New Balances for ~boring adult~ look
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APC New Standard
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Looking for a bit higher rise than NS. NS is also tighter in the thighs than I like when the waist is sized correctly
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Well if you find the answer please let me know because I had a hard time finding some slim jeans with higher rise than NS. I'm a low hanger so yeah shog[1].gif
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Evisu 2000? Somet 30? A lot of the slimmer repro cuts sound like what you're looking for so some superdenim japanese brand might fit the bill
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Somet 030 sounds exactly what I'm looking for - thanks!!

edit1: Interesting, the brand only started selling domestically in Japan recently - most of their sales are from overseas. Very few stockists in Japan and their store is only open three days a week out of the dude's garage.

edit2: WOW, Somet has some ugly styles!!


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^^ The first ones would go great with a down jacket and NB´s smile.gif

I like Edwin Nashville myself, but those unfortunately have back pocket stitching...
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how many blazers do you need?
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Forgive me, Fok, for I have sinned. It has been 3 days since my last black blazer purchase. I always mean for my newest blazer purchase to be the last one for a while, but then, I am always put face-to-face with temptation in the form of another black blazer. You see, Fok, I have purchased 32 black blazers in the last two months and most of Styleforum thinks I need to slow down, but can’t they understand it just isn’t that easy? How can I think of keeping that credit card put away when I see THE black blazer that will fill my “Black Blazer for Grocery Shopping” void in my closet? What the heck do they think I should wear to buy canned hams? One of those OTHER black blazers?
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

how many blazers do you need?

All of them.
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I'm so glad I'm not the only swd blazer addict.

Blazers are the blest.
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