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I have zero bombers. Blazers, however...
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And I don't have any blazers! Guess we will have to switch wardrobes (Siki Im high collar stays with me though)
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i need both. badly.
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I'm trying to decide whether to get a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, I don't own any real boots and I've been wanting to get a nice pair. The often recommended 1000 Miles look great, but I would prefer something just a little less casual and less rugged looking. I'll be wearing them because I like the looks, and not because I'm in need of a tough and durable work boot (though of course quality is never a bad thing).


Anyone have any recommendations? The guides I've seen seem to go straight from the Wolverines to the polished dressy boots you could wear with a suit. It could be there's less of a gap there than I realize.


I just want something that doesn't look wrong if worn by a guy who clearly hasn't just gotten back from a hunting trip. I dunno, maybe I'm worrying too much about if the looks fit me or whatever. Maybe I stick with my nice safe CDBs, I don't actually NEED 1000 Miles.


A question about color, I've been browsing the review thread for them... a lot of pics of brown and rust colored 1000 Miles, not too many cordovan. Any reason why? Does the reddish color stand out too much and draw attention or something like that? I sort of like the color, but I also like to dress conservatively but nice. Not sure if I should go cordovan or stick with conservative safe brown, if I do go with these boots. The price is the same on all the color options.

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the bunny ear one could be part of a pretty awesome halloween costume
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What do you guys wear with bombers anyway. Complete nub.
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Sweats with old iconic basketball shoes or flat front pressed trousers with black shoes (no boots, no sneakers) see: steveoffice latest waywt
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the jacket
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Used Nanamica Cruiser Jacket. $400?
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The fabric on this jacket feels really cheap. Not substantial at all.. Uni-Qlo makes some nice outerwear, however, this jacket isn't too great
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Used Nanamica Cruiser Jacket. $400?

Nanamica outerwear, however, is consistently high quality. If this is a style that suits you, I'd say go for it
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Looking at some acne pleather pants, they'll probably fit me very similar to this:


So not really sure about the length. Do you guys think that's a good look?

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the jacket

Please don't
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Not to pile on, but out of all the leather jackets in the world, I'm not sure why you'd want the one with hacking pockets confused.gif
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not that I have the cash for it, was more so just curious

i liked the pockets biggrin.gif
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