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no chisel or austerity
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Then rec work shoes under 750. Already have brown cap toe shoes and pebbled longwings.

Kind of like the C&J last.
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what are brief cap toe?

You should see if you have a black cap toe, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, suede, jodphur, chukka, monk strap

You don;t need nothing fancy like broguing, longwing, etc. I always find it looks dated

I personally dont mind chisel toe though I prefer the rounded toe box more

I think I have listed the basics, maybe get those covered before experimenting with other hyped up stuff

Check out C&J, Meermin, Carmina... i like those stuff
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Meant brown. Those pics were Carmina and C&J respectively. I have black cap toe, black wholecut, dark brown cap toe, tan jodhpur, tannish longwings. I don't like chukkas or monks. Balmoral boots are nice, but pretty far down the priority list.
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Vass 3-eye derby

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it's funny i pretty much have my ideal mc concept in mind and it involves no more than 5 pairs none of them which are brown
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I don't really like them..

For derbies I really liked the shape of the Allen Edmonds Leeds model, or Alden has a few in black that I liked. Shape is a bit fuller and has round toe. Even the old pair of Raf Simon derbies was cool, but having owned AE, they are comparable, and i actually prefer the shape of AE a little more.

^I am trying to dial in my 5 pairs. I like the brown chukkas but I may relegate them to more SW&D wear. I love the Barney's black cap toe I have. Need a dark brown and medium brown, then pickup a pair of jodphurs .. Will probably get the black derby from AE
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I need a peacoat. What do you think of this JCrew version?

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^buy more nike
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Cyc you aren't gonna get any good recs or info in this thread
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well i like both pair of shoe

and re steve+1
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All you need to do is browse CM. It is easy if you know what you like
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all cm is going to do is rec atrocious dub monks
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