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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post$135-609973.html

Moded Seiko watches. You can buy it on a bracelet as well.


Yobokies is definitely the strat for the $150 range, but you can always just get an unmodified Seiko 5 off of Amazon with a black face for ~half that.

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I had that SNK809 modded by Yobokies. Except mine had the 3 numeral and the date window was at 4 o clock. I paid $120ish? I forget, it was a few years ago. Was great until I fell off my BMX bike and broke it beyond repair. I wonder if he does PVD coating. I kind of want one again in black...
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Denim jacket. Was a kickstarter project. Looks like the cut is really close, perfect for my tiny frame.


Does rigid indigo mean its raw and will rub its dye off on everything?


buy or no?

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I'd say no to denim jacket.
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I'm excited to see what Kenneth Colehaan looks like after seeing his choices. Looks interesting icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Nonnative leather. Need a black leather jacket, don't want a ToJ. Like the detailing on this one, especially the smaller lapels. Thoughts?

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^no, bomber style outside pockets + double rider shape is a bad combination
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Can't decide if i love the color or just the price...

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some jewelry - nonnative? recommendations?

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2nd ones are really cool

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top pair seems like something you'd get a lot of wear out of, just judging by the colors you've posted pics in. do you own any soloist? because you should.
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OL Relaxed Trouser

I have a 28" waist would a 44 fit?

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Email them for measurements?

Also use a normal text size man, that shit is a pain to read
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I had those OL trousers. I'm a 30 and 46 fit fine so you should be okay. For some odd reason the pants have a functional drawstring but also a zipper which doesn't actually zip anything.

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someone bought them, my decision was made for me.
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