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Shirt from WoodWood that went 40% off today. I like it a lot but for some reason something in the back of my mind says that I should give it a second thought before purchasing.

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Only if you get the matching pants.
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lol that looks like the exact colorway J. Crew stocked a few years ago that I had

here is a pic of mike kinsella wearing it

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as long as it doesnt make noise everytime you move tongue.gif
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The card is good only as long as it comes with a cane. Otherwise no.
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Stanley van Buren does attend many weddings.


The quick and handy SVB guide for what you "should or shouldn't buy" for weddings:


For a Northern CA wedding in the summer:

linen suit, white OCBD, repp tie

I really don't recommend that watch or those glasses though. This was 6 years ago...


For a Tahoe wedding in the summer:

Linen suit

white/blue check shirt

navy grenadine tie

tassel loafers

american flag growing out of head


For an East Coast (Berkshires) wedding in the summer:

ill-fitting navy blazer with brass buttons

brooks brothers blue pinpoint oxford shirt

vineyard vines tie

khakis (no vis)

tassel loafers (no vis)

cigar (sup Jet)


duplicate guy in background wearing nearly the same thing (but who admitted his tie was a knock-off)


for a wedding on a boat (anytime):

white linen dinner jacket

blue/white striped shirt (it's nautical, dammit)

navy grenadine tie

navy wool trousers

(forget what shoes)



for a wedding that you're in:

whatever they force you to rent


for a cousin's wedding:

remember it is ok if your uncle (a real uncle, not just a guy with a bunch of shoes, mind you) wears a similar suit to you. do not be scared of social consequences. he is blind, so he will not notice that yours fits better than his, and the rest of the family will just think it's awesome.


for a wedding that you're in (but have a say in choosing clothing), summer, pt 2:

linen suit (it is perfectly fine to repeat, even when weddings are only a week apart)

white shirt

sandals (no vis)



for a fall wedding:


brown houndstooth sport coat

white/blue striped club collar shirt

navy grenadine tie

olive trousers (no vis)

legendary wingtips (no vis)


for a wedding that you're in (late spring), pt. 3:

whatever they force you to buy

men's wearhouse suit

--->but wear your own MTM white shirt


for a wedding that you're in (summer), pt 4:


whatever they force you to rent

this wasn't even men's wearhouse


for a wedding in the middle of the summer in record-breaking Simi Valley heat:

warby parker shades

epaulet hopsack navy blazer (the 3/8 lining is a huge help in the heat)

mtm blue/white/red check shirt

H&M trousers

Loake shoes


for a wine country wedding of two women in the middle of summer:

warby parker shades

linen suit

green linen shirt

Loake shoes


for a wedding that you're in, summer (in Germany!), pt 5:

whatever you convince the groom you and the rest of the groomsmen should buy (in this case, a charcoal grey suit from Next UK)

mtm white shirt

tie given to you by the groom

Bexley black cap-toe oxfords




Epaulet charcoal grey flannel suit, double-breasted, OBVIOUSLY

mtm shirt

Kent Wang shepard's check tie

Bexley black cap-toe oxfords


for a late spring wedding of two of the most ridiculous people you've ever met who've made it clear the dress code is whatever you want it to be:

H&M cotton suit

Uniqlo white v-neck, longsleeve



for a "black tie optional" wedding:

vintage tux

mtm shirt

patent leather shoes



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I've seen a lot of great posts in this forum.

That might be the best.
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what did I just see

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hahah. good one, SVB. last 3 pix are great.


I'm headed off to a wedding tomorrow. boring gray suit + navy tie for me.

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Keep my black lamb MDR and get a TOJ0 vs sell the MDR and order either a black lamb ma-1 or Grey lamb MDR.

Leaning towards keeping the MDR so I have a leather in the meantime as I have already ordered a moto.

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Keep and toj0. Easy choice. Only reason not to is if there's something bugging you about the fit of the MDR.
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It is pretty tight, but I am losing weight and it has stretched out a bit already.

At worst if I wasn't happy I could sell it and hope to get something of B&S in the future.

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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post

what did I just see


If I were a better writer, I would have totally gone all Bret Easton Ellis and written a paragraph describing the events of each one and how the clothes fit in.


But needless to say the gist of it is that yes, I go to a lot of weddings, and how you dress for one should be both a reflection of yourself as well as fitting the surroundings/theme/season/level of formality/personality of the couple getting married.


EDIT: and linen suits are great for summer weddings. I hadn't even realized how much mileage I got out of a $100 H&M linen suit until I compiled all those images. damn.

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