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Sony mdr v6 or the newer model. These have clean sound and last easy 15 years. Can eat pads and you are good to go
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Friends don't let friends buy Bose. They are great at marketing, not so good at making decent audio gear.


kg, just make sure whatever you buy is sensitive enough to be powered by whatever you're using to drive them. Some high end phones need a decent headphone amp to sound good and play loud enough (as was mentioned).


If you get into it, check out gear from Schiit Audio, made in the USA, decent price/value... good Schiit for sure. smile.gif



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All these closed-back headphones make me sad.




Get some Grados, quarter mod them, and don't look back.

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thanks for all suggestions guys. to be honest haven't given much thought about headphones until I came across the beats several weeks ago at the gym. what difference from my stock i5 earplugs biggrin.gif
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KG, I really like the V-Moda M100s.  I produce music for a living and have TONS of cans, but those are my favorite for day-to-day listening + comfort. I followed their development really closely and got one of the first pairs when they came out.  For $300, you really can't beat em, in my personal opinion.


The ATH-M50s are good, but they tend to cause ear fatigue after long listens, and the pads can become uncomfortable after a while.  Plus they are really large to wear around (dunno if that's what you're asking for, but yeah).


I use the M50s to monitor sometimes, and the sound is great, but for my everyday use, I really dig the M100s.



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I can recommend the Beyerdynamic Custom One...great sound, and durable to no end. Everything is modular and replaceable.

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Originally Posted by amathew View Post

What's everyone's thoughts on those Kent Want sneakers


I have a good pair of leather sneakers (MMM gats) and a pair of dirty gats (non mmm) that are close to RIP. I just need something in between for summer.

Ultimate Freudian Slip
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that guy's little lisp is horrible and his face is really hard to look at
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eh, i've owned a bunch of high end headphones but right now i just use $50 jvc has-500s and $15 sony mh1c and they're pretty much perfect.
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i don't get people using cans at the gym, or when it's warm out. it's like having ear muffs on. seems really uncomfortable to me. sweaty ears...
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Gyms here always play way too loud and shitty music, so I can somewhat understand it. Also heat isn't much of a problem if you have velour pads, though I'm still using in-ears when working out/riding bike etc.
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Oh yeah, didn't think about them for noise canceling. Makes sense. I used to use cans to plug into my amp so I wouldn't bug my roommates with my playing and even that got uncomfortably warm.
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more of a should i keep or not... also if i do keep, should i hem instead of roll. the roll always falls (maybe ill stitch the roll down)

pants are the ones in question..

blocked my face because i shaved the beard off and have a baby face biggrin.gif

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i wanna see snow's baby face
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