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as opposed to my earlier idea of

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no contest between the 2. Ute is great, get that
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Upon further review, I think the Ute blazer may be a little too similar to this OL blazer I already have as part of a suit:


Also, someone convince me not to buy this:

close-up of fabric:

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That jacket looks like something I'd buy because it's awesome and then never wear it, notwithit
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Yeah, I'm on board with that assessment. Flying Lotus or someone like that would do that jacket justice, but the odds of me actually wearing it enough to justify owning it are probably kind of low.

On the other hand it's on MyHabit, and I'm ok with spending $5 in return shipping to try it on, so I'm going for it.

Looks like they may have a full size run for anyone else out there in SF-land who wants a cool but impractical chambray jacket from Garbstore.
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that chaqueta doesn't look that outlandish. it's monochrome and the print is small
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Tell you what, I'll take a fit pic when it shows up.
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$650 but considering offers. probably won't have a shot at these again
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notwithit, that looks a lot like the tenuguis i wear for kendo

while it works fine as a sweaty head towel, it looks terrible as a jacket.
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That's because you're trying to use a hand towel as a jacket. foo.gif
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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

I tried to think of a way to write this post without being a dick, since you're legitimately trying to be helpful and this forum needs that sort of thing, but

"You'd have to be pretty much retarded to wear a tie with that shirt"


Well, we'll have to agree to disagree.  I'll pull a quote from the very description of the shirt on the Frans Boone web store:


"Uh, what's this? The perfect all year shirt for casual occasions? Or to wear with a navy tie and tan pants and navy jacket?"


So obviously the designer of the shirt believes you can wear it with a tie.


And as for MY personal taste, I dislike the look of a spread collar worn on its own.  A spread collar is meant for a tie.  At the very least, I think you need a jacket.


Do you like the way this looks? 



That being said, a great fit pic could prove me wrong and I'll be happy to eat crow.

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At this point it just feels like you're screaming for attention. I think you've gotten enough feedback to make your own decision.

If i was limited on funds and wanted to treat myself, I could think of a lot more ways to spend the money than on a shirt, regardless of it's quality.
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Okay, so I want to buy these sneakers from Acne.


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This might be a dumb question but on some pictures they do this







Is this normal, apart from it I like them.

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It's probably because they're patent leather so it's a bit stiffer than reg leather. That makes them crease weird. Can't be certain
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Originally Posted by pelicanese View Post

This is some baller shit, but I hesitate because I've been rockin super casual fits lately -- on some cardinal sin shit, like cheap t-shirts & am-ap hoodies, which has been difficult to transition out of, because I live in a basement & don't leave it often.
I want to rock it with: olive army jacket in the spring, white jeans in summer, plum merino sweater for autumn, & brown tweed for winter.
Time for a crowd-source: have y'all heard of this brand? is it worth 181 euros? any opinions?

finamore is a high end shirt maker... i put it with like truzzi and lorenzini and all of the other OEM italian shirt makers so the "quality" is there. if you like it i say go for it. i bought a white jil sander shirt that i really like. its just a white shirt but it definitely looks more expensive than other white shirts ive bought. dont let the haters get you down.
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