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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

flyknits are over
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

taken today on 23rd and 3rd

hey if phil leotardo wears them, they still have life left
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the super-hyped black/white flyknits look really good, even better in person than in pics in my opinion, but they are EVERYWHERE already. i stopped into apc yesterday to check out the apc x nike dunks and they sold at least five pairs of nikes in the ten minutes i was in there. i'm sure they're all gone by now. there was a limit of two pairs per person and someone tried to buy a third pair while I was there, but their name was on a list and they were denied. haha. i thought the dunks were ok, but not mind blowing or anything. i dunno
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don't know about flyknits but I just bought murdered out am1 smh
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Pick, did the doma pants you had have 3 pleats on one side and 1 on the other?
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No, flat front and the drop crotch isn't too extreme. Are yours pleated the way you described? Which season? Sounds cool.

I tried on some serious DD harem pants not long ago with a huge drop crotch. I suddenly looked like four inches shorter. smile.gif I wish some place other than atelier carried the main line here.
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Yeah, mine are. They are from fw11/12, at least that's what I was told. It's 100% wool and very light, see thru actually so I have my doubts that they'd be fw

It's an extreme drop crotch but they way they are pleated brings in the bagginess and look some white regular.

If you come across the pair you've got could you let me know please smile.gif
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Sounds like mine, no pleats though.
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Ill take some better detail shots next time I post a waywt. Today was just unexpected candids
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I am looking for a nice feeling/quality bomber for spring/summer.  I saw this one the other day and it looked nice, but I am concerned with feel/quality and the fact that it is final sale.  I like Saint James, but I'm still dubious.





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This is some baller shit, but I hesitate because I've been rockin super casual fits lately -- on some cardinal sin shit, like cheap t-shirts & am-ap hoodies, which has been difficult to transition out of, because I live in a basement & don't leave it often.

I want to rock it with: olive army jacket in the spring, white jeans in summer, plum merino sweater for autumn, & brown tweed for winter.

Time for a crowd-source: have y'all heard of this brand? is it worth 181 euros? any opinions?

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are you trolling or do you actually write like that
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he should write for four-pins

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On the internet where it barely matters I write like whatever. No troll, just half-asleep on the lookout for some tax-refund/student-loan irresponsibility encouragement.


& hoodyear, you should probably tell that to Jon Moy, I'm sure he listens to the internet & for sure wants to give a leg up to yet another flaccid youth who uses "cop" as a verb & wants an introduction to this fashion "game".

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Wow, you really sound like a friendly, approachable, and level-headed individual. I'm sure your time here on Styleforum will be fun and worth remembering!

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Thanks SP, if everyone is as welcoming as you it'll be awesome!


Now what do we think about that shirt??

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