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Worn at an angle I think it would be pretty simple to wear. Or buy a large safety pin and wrap it

White top
Button Shawl
Black bottom
Black boot
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Dres cardigan Yes / No?
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^^ Not feeling it.

Toasty, buy it and I'll buy it from you if you change your mind.
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Looks like the two spots I had bookmarked sold out right when the US to Yen peaked over 100 lol

oh well.
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Lol it really changed that quickly?
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Good price on both..








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Yes to the dries!

I like both of those options lionheart but I'd go for the sneakers. I think you can always find a leather sleeved denim jacket later on smile.gif
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Thanks, snow. It´s a great deal on the sneakers, specially considering the latest iterations of bambas are not my cup of tea. The jacket, though not cheap, has a nice discount on it. I liked the color most and the leather sleeves made it look pretty badass.

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The soles on those sneakers are nasty. Just get rick dunks of you're going that route.
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Those sneakers are fucking awful
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And for my near daily entry in this thread:

(the sweater)
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I like it
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

The toe shape is bad and clownish, dorje. Leather and soul look thin too

Haha, I can see the clown shoes thing now that you mention it... agree it would be nice if the toe was more rounded. Construction and materials are pretty nice, the soles are soft and I'm sure would wear quickly if they weren't vibramed. I rarely wear them after picking up CDiem boots and some Damir chunky oxfords/low top boots. The Premiatas are the closest thing I own to a dress shoe so I'll keep them for now.


To make up for those Dehner's not fitting me, I got these Dirk Schönberger Custom Limited Edition Boots from the same seller I picked up the CDiems from.


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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Dres cardigan Yes / No?

I remember looking at this (or a very similar one) at MAC SF. It was pretty short and short knits don't look good imo.
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