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Yeah, I would prefer it to be a size larger. I love the fit of my size IV Ijevan; which makes me wonder if it's worth it to have this one as well
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In that case no. Put on B&S or it is just going to linger..

FWIW it looks very nice IMO. I like the bubble knit effect and color gradient

Give it to your SO, that would be the right hting to do. devil.gif
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Haha, SO loves the color of it, had her try it on...boobs make the fit less than ideal unfortunately shog[1].gif . Really do want to get her a Schneider knit this year for her birthday though
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Good fit? Taper more?
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in my opinion to roomy, needs a bit more taper
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To wear with the ute's
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I'm like 99% sure the utes would look better without a belt
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i'm in the camp that says most trousers look better without belts. sorry fok.
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I need to tuck in shirts for school and I feel bizzare if they have a visible button and belt loops but no belt.

FWIW, i 100% agree. Both in general and for my particular case.
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totally personal preference here, but for me dark pants look muuuch cleaner beltless, even with the empty loops. especially if the front button is concealed. then it's like, no excuses. lighter colored trousers can look kinda weird without a belt, though.
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lets say I have to, given that what would be the least bad choice of belt or is it just like meh at that point do whatever?

i know that we need to be in pants, shirt, belt, tie, and dress shoes or boots (ideally shoes not boots)

agree if concealed, disagree if unconcealed + sizable loops smile.gif
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Benes, you should seriously just invest in a separate business appropriate wardrobe and save everyone the trouble.
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I don't see a problem, I personally prefer the look of wearing a belt than without...that and the fact my shirt would un-tuck real easy without one.

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toasty's post on picking up a business professional wardrobe from Uniqlo was pretty good.

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Someone tell me to not buy sidezips please, price is so good
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