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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 2117

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Does your closet have room for another pair of sneakers?
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Yeah, I wore through the sole on my GATs and they're ready to be retired.. I wear the same 3 sneakers everyday and the GATs need a replacement.
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These are pretty cool

or white CP bballs if you can find a pair

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I had to sell the pair of CP bballs I owned, but they're an amazing design in person. Something about them just...works. One of the best looking pairs of sneakers I've ever seen.
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How are these Fluevogs? I already own an invincible pair of Sorel's that aren't especially pretty but are likely going to be keeping my feet warm for the rest of my life, so I'm looking for more aesthetic stuff. 

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Devoa 50% linen/50% washi (Japanes paper) coat

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How does that washi handle over time I wonder?
I have a hat made from washi and it faded and shrunk REALLY badly in the sun, and I couldn't get it wet at all.

I'd like to see a washi garment that's been worn a couple years
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Want some white hi-tops. Any other suggestions around the ~350 mark? (Willing to wait for sales this summer)

what shoes are they? link? thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by Zipster1 View Post

what shoes are they? link? thanks in advance



also, does anyone remember who it was who posted that pic in waywt with the dope schneider-coat he bought from tog?
Looking at this coat in IV, which seems like a similar model though less warm, and while the measurements seem pretty good it is after all schneider we're talking about (so trying to find someone who can post his own measurement as well as the ones of the coat)

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Schneider's tailored pieces typically fit tts, maybe even a little slimmer
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if that's the case, ^that coat in IV should fit a 46 well, right?

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Teger bought it from TOG. It was a size 6 iirc and fit like a 40-41, so slim but TTS. Ask him.

Get it if it's a good price. Will work nicely with what you have and can be styled in many different ways. Seems versatile.
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Yep, looks like a nice piece indeed.
Only thing I'm not sure about is the part at the bottom with the seam and the button, I want it to fall like a coat (not like a ribbed jacket or something remembling it)
But have asked the seller for fitpic, so will just wait until then before I decide anything else

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More or less
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oooooh hadn't managed to find pics of any model that similar, thanks biggrin.gif

last question, do they have vents in the back?

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