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Originally Posted by amathew View Post

Only thing I've found is people on Reddit complaining about them:

"If you follow sneaker fashion at all, it refers to Common Projects and not child porn."
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lol @ kw sneakaz
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In the 1960-70s, shoemakers used to make simple, minimal shoes like these. Today, they only make excessively sporty designs plastered with logos. Let's go back to a simpler time.
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what a fucking wanker
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Just got a Varvatos Mercer Coat off My Habit for $359. It said it's a Star USA item at $1300 but I got a Collection item and it's priced at $1998. The Star version of the coat is a wool blend, the coat I got is 100% wool.


I like it, but can it be dressed down and worn with raw denim and a button down shirt and still look ok? The Bloomingdale's model is wearing denim and I think it looks good although it seems like a more formal coat...

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for work. can be had in brown or black at the same price. will definitely use the Thumb Catch.
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yes. that bag is beautiful
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Nice briefcase
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I'd go with the second.
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Found this jacket for $630 (normally is $1100) from 10sei0Otto


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 90



And would cut off the wool-blend lining like SFer Tellure did for a result like this:









Don't currently have a minimal leather and toj doesn't have any models that I like at the moment. Incarnation/RO/Julius becomes exponentially more expensive, and I'm trying to keep costs somewhat reasonable.

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amathew you should use your money to hire a prostitute so you won't be a virgin anymore (0)

harsh, but true
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Do you really want to buy something 50% off and then alter it so it looks like a picture you saw.

6 bills can buy you something real nice without need to alter it.
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2nd bag better what is it
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

what a fucking wanker
that dude's a family friend...just cuz his ad copy is shitty #menswear doesn't mean he's a terrible person...redface.gif
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Oh wait what I thought that said "wanger". I wish I could take back my thumb
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