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whoa ann is a great idea, actually



Yeah I saw a woman with the all white lows a while back, and they were really beat up.  She was wearing them with some distressed jeans and a crew neck sweat and some kind of olive military jacket.  Basically she was just wearing them like one would wear chucks and it looked perfect and elevated the whole look.  Every since then they've been on my mind, but haven't been re-released until this season in all-white.

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I like the nonnative design, esp the hi-top. 


these are non-baller, but how about converse "first string"?


first string (Click to show)




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the red/burgundy ones in second pic are easily the best converse I've ever seen wow.gif

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So...keep my BLESS Hoodcoat, or get this instead?

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I love schneider but keep the Bless man
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That coat is awesome. I would have bought it myself if I wasn't getting two others. shog[1].gif

After looking at the Bless, I think you should definitely keep it. That grey is fantastic.
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Tween there is quite a bit of nonnative footwear on y!jpn for much cheaper than here. Ideally I would be able to find the blue liberty print lows from a few seasons ago but I haven't been able to find any...

The missoni x jp would be awesome if jp's didn't look like shit. If you end up finding something cool let me know because I've been looking for another pair for forever. . . I only have my all white rubber gats and the burlap painted gats and that gets super boring
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Thoughts on Tumi? I am thinking about purchasing this in walnut:
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I want a pair of those converse x number nine one star in white
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More of a Should I keep, What is it, Is it even a men's?, Please identify...


To me, it appears to be a kind of overshirt. Wool body, cotton sleeves. The sizing is consistent with the two Men's shirts I own (does Shirt even make women's?). However, you can see the the buttons end at the belly-button, the bottom's kind of weird, and meant to close or tighten with some sort of drawstring (not included!). Age indeterminate.
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flip to lookbook fashionistas
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I kind of think these are dope?
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Thumbs way way down for me.
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those are terrible
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Those will blend in to the cityscape perfectly. At first glance people might think you have no feet.
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