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Which one should I buy? I have a hard time deciding. 


Slim-Fit Striped Max in Blue Mix

Slim-Fit Linen Edward in Denim Solid

Slim-Fit Matty Oxford in Blue

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Geller flight pants, size 48:

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Seller says they're indigo, but I thought RG only ever made them in a faded black and olive...Also, can get them around $100. Y/N?
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Ugh rg flight pants never seem to pop up in size 44-46...

Reedo - yes
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those things are really big
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these were best flight pants

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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

those things are really big

Really? So a 46 would be a lot better a fit, given I have a 32" waist at around the hips?
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They also kinda stretch with a lot of wear. I could easily fit a 44, but think I will just eventually try and tailor my 46 since they're so old and beat up anyways
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im pretty sure i tried t hose on in the shop in 46 and they engulfed me. i'm pretty small, but i still recall them being unflattering - prob would have even been so in 44. yeah reedo if you feel like you must, then size down
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I have a 30'' waist and 44 fits me well. They're pretty big.
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Same. 30" waist but I could barely get the 46 tied tight enough so it wouldn't fall off my ass.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

I have navy, watch face is dark, almost black. I'd go navy or black, not a fan of the khaki.

Thanks, picked up the navy one.


7" Kindle Fire HD:

Worth the premium over the regular KIndle? Also, 16 GB or 32 GB? Not sure whether it matters.
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probably my most worn pants. mine are all faded and beat up.
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No idea what Hartford is like - don't know much about the brand other than it's french and always heavily reduced in the sales...

the Oliver Spencer Cord Navigator seems unobtainable, and whilst not quite as nice, fits the unstructured lightweight cord jacket criteria.

Other suggestions welcomed.
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