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Thinking about picking this up. Any thoughts?

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Those Ann's look awesome sipang!
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40% off... yay or nay?
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(the pants)
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I think they're kind of cool. Is there a way to keep them up? Don't have belt loops and they don't look elastic.
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Fabric looks great but am I the only one who really doesn't like the anatomical details those designers do on everything?

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fuuma, it's alright

i don't think it's a question of you pulling it off I just don't love the piece itself, your call
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Originally Posted by ItSuit View Post

I am looking at purchasing one of those blazers which one do you think? I'm leaning more toward the beige. Each blazer is $99.99 from Zara. What you guys think? Is there a better place to get cheaper blazer?


Bump anyone?

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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

$400 is about Japanese retail, however I am not asking you to manage my finances so what I am asking is would you say acquiring said sweater is a good idea, considering I am looking for streetwear items and knowing what you do about my style/wardrobe.

Oh and I checked recently and I have some thing like 28-30 knits so it's not like I need another knit or can't rotate enough to have patterns.

Well I took “acquisition mode” to mean the let’s call them pangs that come from justifying the price of something you want. Or something like that. Were you implying something else? The fact that you’ll be inconvenienced with a return if it doesn’t work out? The psychic torpor that comes from being a vehicle for capitalism? I don’t know. Anyway.

Going by your fits, those that come to mind, I would say no. Okay, maybe. What do you imagine it working with? Might look all right under that PW varsity thing. I also seem to recall you in a sarong or skirt or whatever, so if this is your flamboyance talking, if fuzzy jigsaw puzzly camo print with mismatched buttons tickles your fancy, then go for it. If not don’t. I don’t know. See if you still like it drunk. Maybe the pattern resolves itself into something interesting.
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ItSuit, look around on yoox.

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alpaca/Laine oversized 7B closure, quite low V-neck, very long.
The buttons and button hole placket are constructed on a different panel giving a 3-D effect

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I love it. What brand is that?
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guess lol
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Ah, of course ... well, I think it's fantastic. Definitely go for it.
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got it thumbs-up.gif
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