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Treating myself for my birthday. Choice between...

Same item reversed...



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Is that a waxed cotton Barbour? puzzled.gif

I'm not feeling any of them except version one of the first...but even that just looks like a plain blue sweater. Maybe the Barbour-ish coat would look better on a different model.
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get the leder if it fits you
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Is that a waxed cotton Barbour? puzzled.gif

Freeman's Sporting Club Millerain jacket with removable liner...

Could be the only jacket I would ever need in SF.
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Get the Leder.


Reedo, I think it's the new fit, so it's not boxy.  I'd still pass though bronze zips are shitty.

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You can buy Barbour anytime, go with the Leder
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I like the last one most
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I need a pair of sneakers- and I wouldn't be able to wear clean whites much. These look great. Convince me otherwise, please dear god. 

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First post here, been lurking around for awhile. Hi all!

On the fence about this Ervell shirt jacket. I love the piece, but is it too wide in the shoulders on me? I like the boxy fit, but not if it just looks too big. Would appreciate some feedback from you guys.

Buttoned, from the side, back... (Click to show)

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I think it looks fine. Maybe a hair big in the shoulders but I think that could just be your posture in that pic. I say keep it.
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Doesn't look particularly big. Nice piece
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Originally Posted by aphelan View Post

Someone in the SNS thread said the Svensson Cloud was superior to the Stark in quality.  They retail for quite a bit more than the Stark but are on sale for about $240 shipped to the US.  I pulled the trigger on an XL, I'll let you guys know about the fit and quality when it arrives.

IIRC that post was about last years version though, which was cashmere... all the ones I've seen this year are merino or 92wool/8cashmere. I tried on one of the crew necks last week and was not particularly impressed. Material was ok, but not that special (especially since they usually run more $$$ than sns). Fit was awkward and ran at least a half size big... I'm a 36 and the small was definitely too big.

edit- to be fair, I tried on the waffle crew and most of the good things I've heard have been about the cloud knit so maybe the waffle is just one of their weaker pieces.
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Since it's sale season, looking at a few Junya cardigans - at 50% off, they're $350 or so. 100% wool.

Most of the designs are fairly traditional, a few examples with really nice colors, smart details, etc. Nothing super conceptual.

Thoughts on the brand and his knits?
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Someone was saying they're not that great. I think it was in the epicurean knits thread.
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