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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 2012

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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

^ not feminine at all.
should i get these apc side zips?

I've handled these.

Color is very nice in person if you're into that shade on boots. Shape is pretty perfect.

I'm not completely sold on the sole though. Probably looks better after it's been worn a bit.

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Our Legacy Wool Trousers


Nice or too boring? (not for biscaz)

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^Yeah, I have a similar pair cept from tim hamilton and just makes boring fit a little more interesting nod[1].gif
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Nice, not boring. Go for it.
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i can only get one. the nonnative is about $100 cheaper and I have been looking all over for it. but the inverallan is inverallan and I have been wanting one for a very long time as well. I don't know what to think anymore. the nonnative is also 100% merino wool


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^nonnative, not sure how the quality between the 2 compares, but as classic as the Inverallan is I think the nonnative will mesh really well your other stuff
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^ Nonnative all the way

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another vote for nonnative

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Yeah the robe looks better, saying this as someone that owns that other cardi too

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Thanks everyone. Nonnative will probably work better for me, but I have been wanting an inverallan for so long so I couldn't decide. I wear a lot more workweary japanese outdoorsy/americana than my posts here may suggest so that's why I have been considering the inverallan for a long time, but the nonnative will probably work out with both my styles.
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Nah. Inverallan, I feel like I would get tired of the Nonnative a lot quicker if I were you. If you decide not to cop the Inverallan do PM me the link and I might cop, though biggrin.gif
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fyi nonnative knit quality is prob the lowest of all their stuff - knits all MIC if that means anything to you. I have a few and ID put em below Schneider

in my opinion, at least....the textile itself doesn't feel all that luxurious for the price at retail
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I figured as much, as much as I love Nonnative and WM stuff I have found that a lot of it can be pretty iffy. It's way below retail though...like 75% off.
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cheap beater, then!
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Does anyone have experience with this Siki Im jacket? If i'm simply have same body as runway models, slim and tall. Can M size work on me?

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