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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I have two lanvin blazers that were absurdly expensive, but these were from 07-08 when quality was much higher.
do you know who's the maker? Current maker is caruso, construction is better than RLBL. What's the tag look like?
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Originally Posted by andrewgreg View Post

the jacket and pants make a tux suit, idk if ln-cc carry the pants or not, but i do strongly suggest wear jacket+ pants together.
btw, the pic is in 2011 i think, it should be from lanvin 15 faubourg and made by caruso fully canvassed.

matching pants
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Hi there,



Longtime lurker, first time poster.  Reading SF over the past few months has of course given me some shoe education, and I've copped 3 pairs of Allen Edmonds over that time: Walnut Strands, Natural Wax McTavishes, and a pair of beautiful calfskin loafers that shined up well with some TLC from Ebay.


So naturally making one good score off Ebay has gotten me in a frenzy looking for more.   I was pretty much thinking that my next pair of shoes would be olive AE Neumoks, but searching the Bay for a deal on those, I found this listing, which kind of floored me in the photos.  Here are a couple from it:









Try not to pay attention to the hideous jeans the model is wearing.   


So, I think at least superficially, these shoes are beautiful and if they were made by AE or Alden, which come highly recommended on this forum, I would cop immediately.  But of course the problem here is that the listing is by a Korean manufacturer of whose name, "FX Homme", I can find nowhere else but Ebay listings, which I understand to a big warning sign. There isn't a clue given as to the construction of the shoes and the lack of branding on the insole is also disturbing.  However, the asking price of the shoe does seem to be in line with the bottom tier of quality shoes recommended by this forum (~$230) and the seller does have a pretty exemplary feedback rating (99.5%).


Two questions:


1.  I shouldn't even thinking about getting these, right, even with an ostensible return policy? (Don't mind paying return shipping)


2.  Can anyone recommend a reputable company that makes this a wingtip in very close to this style, that I can afford?  My present occupation as a grad student don't allow me to ball in the likes of Edward Green, Trickers, C&Js, and other SF favorites.  This season, I have precisely $320 to spend on a beautiful wingtip.

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Any love for this ??

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just threw up a little in my mouth.
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wrong picture yo
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oh man so tempted ...... tried it on past summer and it was incredible but retail way too much foo.gif

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don't really like it shah. is it junya? just looks like they took a fairly nice jacket and stuck a stupid pattern on the back just to make it 'different'

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no it can be one thing and one thing only wink.gif

what do you not like , the cubist detailing on the back ? a little perverted display as you say goodbye and walk away

edit :- same season featured the jacket in black as well though this not my size ... (Click to show)
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I dunno man. I don't ever picture you wearing anything khaki coloured
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oh ? i have a Y's blazer that's same color, slimmer cut of course. i wear it with white or brown tops (kurta) and white pants or brown pants or navy pants and usually white sneakers during the warmer seasons...i love colors !

lol sipang hates everything these days
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Oh, should've known. I like the black one infinitely better.  I guess I just can't really picture a tan safari jacket going with your other stuff, so I see no reason why a tan safari jacket with blue shapes on the back would work any better (plus the pattern looks tacked-on like I said).


I'm sure you could make it work just think there might be better choices.  

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either of these a better bet for the shah ?

(but darker shade, navy)
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The olive looks better but you should just get a bunch of Leder if you're going to be wearing all these earthy colours now icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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