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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 199

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Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
can you return it? if so, yes

I'm going for the opposite of what you say, so that's one vote for keep it. Anyone else?
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even ignoring the lack of vents it does not fit very well
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For $250?
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^^ no, shape looks bad, and the leather treatment so so.
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Seems pretty nice, despite the stigma of OBEY. Opinions?

Edit: and these boots here.. http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/COMMON...U/sts/sr_men80
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I say a definite yes on the Common Projects. Whether or not you think that CP has any business doing dress shoes (personally, I don't) $240 for a pair of good looking leather boots is too good to pass up. I don't know much about the quality of CP dress shoes, but unless they're horridly bad you should go for it.
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I agree, but I fear the shaft might be too tall.

What about these boots? Frye's at almost half the price:

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I have a bias towards boots over most shoes so I don't think the shaft would be too tall, and it's not like buying a pair of higher socks is too expensive.

And honestly, those Frye's look nasty.

If you can afford both, then toss out price as a factor in your decision making process and just go with what you really want, you'll be happier in the long run (speaking from personal experience).
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Club Monaco? $100?
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Looks pretty cool. What's the fit like?
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shite photos, but hey-ho
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Neither. The first jacket looks too technical and the the second's hood looks awful.
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These photos may be too shitty to make out the details of this jacket, but I am mainly interested in what people think of the silhouette. The waist is the main thing, obviously. Very fashion forward.

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I think it could work but not with what you're wearing there.
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