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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 1965

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As far as I know the Corner doesn't stock it or I would have. I certainly can't find it on their website, at least not in the US (if someone wants to provide me a link I'd appreciate it). I was just comparing it to other garments I saw on the Corner. I'm kind of tempted to order something else from the Corner and return it to confirm. Regarding good sweaters, there's only one other one that I want (that would pair well with my other clothes) but I can't justify paying for it since considerably more expensive. If it goes on deeper sale I will buy it, but this is really the only one I'm thinking about for now. I'll just go ahead and send a question in to the boutique but it can take a while to receive a response in my experience.
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Ah, OK I found the Christophe Lemaire sweater for other regions on the Corner. It's not available for the U.S. as far as I can tell. To make things more complicated, the French sizing was completely different. Size 3 was equal to a 46 according to it. I also went to send in an inquiry on farfetch but it made it seem like it was a message sent to farfetch instead of the actual boutique carrying the item.
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toasty #1 looks really cool

that Ann d blazer is cool too
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I think #2 is better toasto, #1 looks cool but the longer front hem is off putting to me
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fit pic of 2nd bag in slightly different leather.

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That first one is Margiela right? Why code no work for me frown.gif Prefer the first by a mile.
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first bag is ok, 2nd is horribad
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But will it fit all his vcr repair tools?
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books or jawnz?
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books about jawnz
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"that seems not-useful"
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gettoasty: Details on those? For what it's worth I prefer #2.

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need a coat for the winter.. thoughts?
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Ribbed collar looks weird to me, but you shouldn't trust my advice.
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