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I'll admit, was not expecting the backlash to this item, but I certainly can see the points everyone is making. Maybe I am just blinded by the brand as KJ said, though part of me still really likes it for some reason.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

gonna pass on the rrls. the color is nice but they're a size too big in the waist, and I know if I sized down they'd be too tight in the thigh.

Too bad, that really is a good color. Hate that about the way RRLs fit. Not sure how LA Guy loves the fit so much. Maybe he's getting a different model?

My take is that the textured and somewhat wrinkly fabric doesn't necessarily jive with the extra-clean look that a hidden placket usually provides.

Then again, I think hidden plackets were pretty common on workshirts back in the day because you couldn't catch your buttons on whatever you were carrying around.

Also, it's ASOS, so you can always take advantage of their free two-way shipping. Hell, I just bought a W+H cardigan that I'm 95% sure I'm sending back and a Denham(?) henley that I doubt I'll keep, either.

edit: Not loving the Cloak jacket, either.
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I think it's pretty awesome but I am boring and predictable.
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The Cloak jacket is pretty bad
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Anything that you touch is gold, king midas
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on se calme
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The J.Crew Bayswater peacoat is on sale for 30% off. Should I buy now or wait for another markdown? Any other alternatives I should consider?

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The last pair of these on sale happened to be in my size so I picked them up for $450 but I'm not sure if I'll ever wear them. They are incredibly gorgeous in person though.

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The cloak looks good to me. Like the petrol colour and the pointed sleeves.
I think it's styled well in that pic too
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This and/or the same in black:

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I've gotten one of those flannel zip/btn things from them in the past and it just depends on the look you're going for. They have a very grunge feel to them. They look faded and limp pretty quickly, but that's perfect for some people.
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The placket on the black looks less than desirable.  I think that's a common problem too.

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Thanks. I'll probably just get them and return them if I don't like them.

Trying to decide whether to keep or return:

I already have them in grey leather with gum sole and creme nubuck (trompe-l'œil model) with white sole.
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