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Great looking shoes, shah. I especially like the brown pair. It's funny to see MOMA grow in popularity when they were the shoes I wore when I first joined SF. (granted, they were split toe chukkas, but still)
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Dramatic alterations rarely work out, in my (admittedly somewhat limited) experience. It's like trying to have the shoulders taken in on a blazer; you can do it, but you probably shouldn't.
I decided to say what the hell and go for it. Rather than think about what else I can/should buy, I'm going to focus on making the things I own enjoyable. It's an unstructured linen jacket, and I really just wanted the sleeves shortened at the shoulder. Then, the tailor started talking about mostly disassembling the jacket, and then have me come in for a fitting before reassembling it. She's altered a few pairs of trousers for me, and I've been happy with them. So, I'm fairly confident...
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Is it more of a should I keep or not, shah?
Keep them both devil.gif
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Is it more of a should I keep or not, shah?
Keep them both devil.gif

reversenabling alert ! post has been reported.

i am leaning toward the browns, i think the smooth leather is much nicer.

quality of leather isn't fantastic but of couse you get what you pay for -- moma is probably a good entry into the bulbous realm. but they are surprisingly comfortable
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That's what I thought about mine, but you all shamed me into donating them to the local thrift store. angry.gif
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What? We did no such thing..did we?

I like the brown, even with they eyelets. The leather shines nice off the beautiful bulbous toe biggrin.gif
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Mr Shah, while not personally a fan of "the bulb toe" I can see how they go well with le chemineau chic. I lean toward black just because I think it will go with more stuff.

zissou, I've recently had a few things altered (fairly complicated stuff) and can't say how happy I am now. Funny how just a centimeter here or there can make a huge difference... from a jacket that just hung lonely in the closet to one I now can't wait to wear.

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Great to hear, Parker. The jacket is very nice, but really unwearable with sleeves that were two inches too long. I thought the shoulders were fine until she started pinning them a little narrower. I'll definitely post a photo after it's done.

I'm realizing, finally, that I have enough nice clothes to last about a decade at least (save for the occasional new shirt and socks/underwear), so I'm just trying to enjoy what I have more.

snowman- yes, but they weren't actually that great anyway shog[1].gif
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Love the color and cut on these... If so, what footwear should I wear with them??


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wuddup reedo

on feet (Click to show)

Ahhhhh see you've joined the MOMA club. Glad to have enabled your entry!

Those will mesh really well with your style I think, I'd suggest keeping both pairs, considering the price.
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Last thing that I want to add is a decent sweater. Thoughts on this one from Roberto Collina?

I was also considering getting it in yellow instead...
Yellowsweater (Click to show)

And here's how it was styled:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Not yellow
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robert collina knits are the new ckc hidden placket shirts which were the new moma shoes.
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not a bad jacket for 2800 sek.
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Actually looks like a duvet
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