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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Def 1.

I personally think this is the best cardigan from them:


I always wear my cardigans open and think it looks best. Like the longer body as well.


this looks really good too. i kind of want one with hidden buttons or without shown buttons

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Originally Posted by Rooy View Post

Got the first one from last season in gray, their wool stuff shrinks a lot after a wash. Mine became unwearable because the sleeves got too tight, I'd recommend to size up/have it fit loose before the wash.
You know that's usually what happens if you put wool in a normal wash, right?
Wool really doesn't need to be washed with detergent in a washing machine unless extremely dirty. If it smells just hang it outside for a day and it will clean itself. Use spot treatments on separate spot or hand wash cold and towel dry. Never hot machine wash.
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lol @ throwing a knit in wash like it's a tee and advising to size up bc of it
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i put my boots in the wash and now they are breaking my bones help
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I know that it's normal and I would never put an expensive knit in the wash. Just wanted to give a heads up cause the washing instructions on mine state "machine washable in wool program", and doing this will turn your cardigan in wool under armour.

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just don't ever put anything wool in the machine - pretty straightforward and seems like a given...
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I've washed wool, cashmere and alpacca in the machine on the wool program with a wool detergent without any problems.
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+1 Just don't machine dry.

And I do prefer handwashing them, but whatever -- sometimes you just gotta do it.
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asos, so def no top-quality, but still a super-compressible (you can say it like that right?) water-resistant jacket that still looks cool enough laugh.gif

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Stephan Schneider jacket or Temple of Jawnz leather jacket?
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Schneider will always be there, MtM ToJ not so much

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White is more versatile.
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looks good. what is it?
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